Bi-Polar Therapy San Diego

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At APEX Rehab, our bi-polar therapy program seeks to correct imbalances in brain chemistry through psychotherapy, medication (when necessary) and nutritional counseling. A substance abuse detox program is typically the first step in digging deeper into psychological issues, and our tried-and-true programs are proven to work. Not only do we help patients deal with the symptoms of bi-polar disorder; we treat the underlying cause of the illness. In doing so, many of our patients fully recover and go on to lead normal, productive lives.

Bipolar disorder is manifested through uncontrollable, all-consuming shifts in mood, behavior and energy levels. The lack of stability typically causes the sufferer to have relationship problems, issues with career and income stability, a disposition for accidental injuries and a propensity for suicide.

A connection between the bi-polar disorder and addictive behavior has been noted, but it hasn’t been fully explained. Nationwide research revealed that little over a half of bi-polar patients had been through alcohol or drug addiction, with alcohol being the most frequent choice.

The possible grounds for this connection are various and complex. First of all, there could be something in the brain chemistry that brings bi-polar individuals to addiction. This mood disorder is characterized by exceedingly high levels of serotonin, dopamine and norepinephrine, which influence the emotions and body metabolism functions such as eating and sleeping patterns. Their hard-wired instability prompts them into the clutches of alcohol and drugs, which are seen as a means of self-medication for their episodes of insomnia, depression and anxiety. Unfortunately, such behavior only worsens the symptoms of bi-polar. It has been found, though, that young males who are bi-polar have the highest likelihood of resorting to alcohol and drugs.

Bi-polar addicts who want to shake off their addiction require professional help and guidance with the process. The fact is that they are on a constant swing between depression and euphoria combined with self-importance. This instability makes it very difficult for these individuals to stick to their recovery plans, which is why they need professional support for a comprehensive treatment that will include their alcohol recovery or drug rehab in San Diego.

It is not possible to receive separate treatments for the bi-polar disorder and the addiction with a high likelihood of success. Drawing a line between these two issues increases the possibility of relapse. APEX Rehab offers an integrated program that can encompass the bi-polar treatment and alcohol or drug rehab in San Diego.

Our program is based on collaboration of top-notch professionals in psychotherapy, holistic healing, wellness and nutrition. Through our residential and outpatient programs, patients get centralized and coordinated care tailored to their needs. Our staff is trained to deal with dually diagnosed patients by developing a comprehensive treatment that usually includes individual psychotherapy, group counseling, psychiatric medication and alternative methods like experiential therapy, recreation, yoga, holistic healing, and so on.  

Bi-Polar Therapy Program