Alaskan Gov’t Shutdown Crisis Barely Averted

In order for the federal government to continue funding each state throughout the country, legislation must be passed first. This writer claims no extensive knowledge of politics, but basically it seems to go like this… By the end of each fiscal year, something called an appropriations bill must be made into law. This bill is… Read More

Jul 01

Alaska Hands Out Drug Disposal Bags

Stop reading this and go look inside your medicine cabinet. Are there any prescription pills in there? What about in your nightstand? Did you hurt your ankle a while back, get prescribed hydrocodone, only take half of the refill and then leave them in the bottle on the shelf? Okay, that’s pretty specific, but here’s… Read More

Jun 18

Heroes on Heroin

One of the last people you would want to be abusing heavy drugs would be someone defending our nation. Yet it’s become apparent that not only are many members of the US military abusing drugs, they’re abusing heroin. A fair amount of evidence points toward this being true. First we’ll hear from a former Navy… Read More

Jun 04

The Last Frontier is among the First in Substance Abuse

When we think about the continental United States, it’s pretty easy to forget about Alaska. In most of our minds, it’s a distant land tucked away near Canada. However, most of us forget to realize that Alaska accounts for 17.5% of America’s land mass! It’s twice as big as Texas! It’s also the least densely… Read More

May 05

Trauma Can Lead to Addiction and Here’s How

There is a type of treatment growing in popularity called Trauma Informed Care, or TIC. It is designed specifically for those who have endured trauma in their lives and have been affected negatively. According to the Trauma Informed Care Project, the main goal of TIC is to provide “…physical, psychological and emotional safety… and rebuild… Read More

Apr 28

Anxiety May Be a Predictor of Alcohol Abuse

At some point in our lives we can all say that we have experienced some level of anxiety; whether it is a daily struggle or a rare occurrence, we have all felt that gut-wrenching feeling of doom. However, what differentiates us from one another are the ways we, as individuals, learn to cope with the… Read More

Apr 21