Exercise is proven to have many positive effects on health, but, when exercise is added to traditional addiction recovery methods, the positive effects can be far-reaching. Read on to learn how this alternative addiction treatment helps with addiction recovery.

Emotional Benefits

Those struggling with an addiction disorder will experience withdrawals that can cause anxiety, mood swings, and depression. Exercise releases endorphins, which produce positive emotions. This occurs both over the short and long term. Even better, only 30 minutes of daily exercise is needed to improve your mood.

Trauma release exercises and the movements and energy exercises used in Radical Alive alternative addiction recovery allow individuals to express intense emotions, clear blockages, and initialize the body’s own healing processes.

Physical Benefits

Exercise reduces stress, which causes numerous health problems over time. Those who engage in exercise enjoy longer and better-quality sleep and increased energy. As well, a stronger immune system is another common byproduct of exercise.

Regular aerobic exercise protects the brain from damage and improves physical appearance, ultimately benefiting self-confidence. When applied in conjunction with cognitive behavioral therapy, exercise can reduce the risk of relapse by reducing drug-seeking behavior and cravings.

The importance of exercise to addiction recovery simply cannot be understated. That’s why Apex Recovery’s San Diego rehab facility gives all inpatient clients a gym membership during their stay. We also offer both traditional and alternative addiction recovery therapies to benefit mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health. Begin today by calling (877) 798-4404.