Apex Recovery is proud to offer some of the finest physicians, psychologists, and licensed professionals in the alcohol and drug rehab, clinical field. Our rehabilitation administration staff is hand selected for their ability to provide and promote an integrative treatment approach and is ready to help. All of our clinicians are highly vetted and must have high levels of expertise in working with dual diagnosed clientele. Our administrators adjust each rehabilitation program to fit the needs of our patients, which sets us apart from other rehabilitation facilities. No matter what kind of disabilities or addictions you might be facing, our trained and professional staff members are here for you.

With literally decades of addiction experience, and countless clinical hours spent researching, training and treating dual diagnosis issues, our team of administrators has made us one of the best rehab facilities in San Diego County. We believe every member of our team is reliant on others perspectives and insight. We treat every participant with respect and dignity, not from a place of superiority or judgment.

Our clinical staff is tireless in their dedication to wholeness, health, and excellence. Our constant drive for knowledge, continuing education, and goal of field, participation as leaders in the recovery community, allows our Apex rehabilitation administration team to be sought after and exceptional at treating not just an addiction, but the whole individual. This allows for growth in many ways, as each participant finds their own path to meaningful recovery through our council while battling a substance abuse addiction.

Dr. Matthew J. Bruhin, Ph.D, LMFT, RAS – APEX Rehab CEO

Dr. Matthew J. Bruhin is the Chief Executive Officer of APEX Recovery. Along with Co-founder Fred Bowen, Dr. Bruhin utilized his experience in the creation of high-end rehabs to construct a facility that was cutting-edge and affordable, yet lacked nothing. His vision, eye for detail and desire to lead have created an unparalleled vision for treating additive illness coupled with mental and emotional disorders. Dr. Bruhin treats every staff member and participant like family and hopes to bring his clinical and administrative vision to many.

Dr. Bruhin is a State of California Board of Behavioral Sciences, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist as well as an Addiction Specialist registered by the Breining Institute. Dr. Bruhin earned his Doctorate in Addiction Psychology, has a Master of Arts degree in Counseling Psychology, and holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology, with a Minor in Addictive Disorders. Additionally he holds many other certifications and has tens of thousands of hours of clinical and training experience.

Dr. Bruhin has a diverse clinical training background, working in the mental health field for over 12 years. He specializes in the treatment of addiction and has specialized experience and clinical training in the treatment of prescription addiction, sexual addiction and gambling addiction. He works with many individuals and families ranging from the chronically, mentally ill, to high-level professionals, professional athletes, executives, and Hollywood film producers and TV personalities. He has developed his own specialized and effective techniques for the treatment of addiction and chemical dependency.

Dr. Bruhin loves to write, blog, and he appears regularly on network TV as a leader in the addiction field. He has worked with clients from A&E’s hit TV show Intervention, as well as the Tyra Show. Dr. Bruhin also performs local TV segments in order to get the public educated about addiction, and to break down the stigma of mental health issues. Dr. Bruhin balances his passion for work with the love of his family, enjoyment of travel, and his vintage Star Wars collection, which can be viewed in his private office.


Mallory Mitchell, LMFT – Clinical Director

Mallory is a State of California Board of Behavioral Sciences, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and clinical supervisor with a decade of experience working in mental health. Mallory’s clinical experience includes inpatient, outpatient and private practice work with individuals, couples and families and includes program development of a residential facility serving chronically and severely mentally ill individuals. Her unique experience with this population further expanded her approach and ability to create a comforting and therapeutic environment for individuals as they navigate the various challenges. She focuses on increasing mindfulness of current situations and emotional experiences to help her clients meet their goals and created more meaningful interactions.

While completing a Master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy at Alliant International University, she focused on treating Substance Abuse as well as Couples Counseling. Additionally, her work with individuals suffering from depression and anxiety as well as issues of domestic violence shaped her philosophy in treating individuals and couples through focusing on emotions and the role of attaching to others. She believes it is through this focus on emotions and attachment that significant and long-lasting change develops.

Mallory’s passion is for people and their relationships. She has a deep interest in helping people achieve their potential and it is her goal to empower individuals as they search for connection, intimacy, love, and success. By helping people find the tools to cultivate their unique skills, Mallory believes we can find hope and fulfillment to overcome the struggles of everyday life.

“I bring my own life experiences to my therapeutic work and focus on developing a secure and safe relationship with my clients. Every individual has a story that is unique and special. I am passionate about understanding each person’s experiences without judgment. With compassion and sincere empathy, I can help you overcome struggles and find the insight and awareness that is necessary to create caring relationships as well as lasting happiness.”

Jill Timmer, M.A. – Program Director

Jill is excited to start work as the Program Director at Apex Recovery. Apex Recovery strives to provide strategic, outcome-driven programs designed to enhance the integrated offerings while improving satisfaction and success. Their commitment to customer satisfaction is something she’s always strived for in her own career. She’d love to bring this dedication, along with her relevant skills and experience, to their top of the line company.

Jill previously worked as a Clinical Specialist at Alpine Special Treatment Center. There, she was developing and implementing individualized treatment plans for clients with severe mental illness and assisting with clinical decisions regarding clients’ treatment at the facility. She also participated in monthly multidisciplinary treatment teams and expectations of dissemination of information to clinical staff and direct care staff accordingly. Finally, she is capable of following up with staff in violation of policy and procedure, as well as provide and uphold professional expectations and safety concerns for staff working with the clients. She also worked as a Mental Health Rehabilitation Specialist (MHRS) for Alpine Special Treatment Center, Inc. As an MHRS, she was responsible for maintaining a caseload of 10-15 clients, where she completed documentation on the client progress and their ability to complete their goals in the program. She was responsible for a caseload of employees that she directly supervised, as well as supervising the staff she worked with on a daily basis. As a supervisor, she gave criticism as well as positive feedback. She also utilized her experience and her educational background to assist in educating and teaching those she supervised. Besides educating, it was her job duty to problem solve and participate in conflict resolution to manage and direct the staff to work towards success for themselves, as well as the clients. As the Apex Program Director, she will apply this knowledge and experience to ensure appropriate boundaries, positive strategies and solutions in working with the clients, and staff to ensure overall success in client interactions.

Jill’s current education experience has provided her with additional skill sets to work with individuals in setting and accomplishing goals, as well as provide professional guidance and assistance to those she supervises. The use of both her education and work experience will allow her to remain professional with staff as well as clients. Her current position assists her in developing and implementing treatment plans for clients who are working to change an aspect in their life that may appear challenging. Her background in the mental health field and her educational experience combined with her ability to supervise and guide staff to remain professional and follow the policy and procedural coordination that ensures a clear understanding of the company’s operations and goals, as well as the integrative strategies used within the program.

Cindy Bradley – Administrative Assistant

Cindy Bradley has lived in San Diego for over 40 years. She has family and community ties that run very deep throughout San Diego County. She grew up in and married into military families. She is an avid paper crafter and photographer.

When not devoting her time and energy to keeping the APEX Recovery Corporate office running smoothly from her front office desk, she can be found making the most of family time with her husband, two sons and her Beagle Brigade.