Our mental health technicians help to make APEX the rehab facility it is today.  Below you can find a biography on each substance abuse technician working with our patients and treatment center.  

Brandon Whittaker – Residential Technician

Brandon has been in the healthcare industry since late 2015 when he began his training as a medical assistant. Previously Brandon had served in the United States Navy and upon discharge had been looking into a change in career path. He went to school first for Information Systems Technology and then decided that he would like to look into healthcare instead.

After finishing school as a medical assistant Brandon worked in psychiatry under an administrative role. Outside of his professional life, Brandon spends nearly all of his time with his wife, kids, and extended family and works with computers and networking when he gets the chance.

Erik Weiser – Residential Technician

Erik Weiser graduated in 2016. He was born in New York and moved to San Diego in 2000.

He chose to go into the medical field because it is his goal to become a medical doctor and work in the organization Doctors Without Borders. He is very familiar with drug addiction and addiction behavioral tendencies.

For a very long time, since 2000, it has been something he has witnessed and dealt with among many close individuals. Erik loves to workout at the gym, surf, rock climb, listen to music, and capture photographs.

James Dey – Residential Technician

Jim is a 4th generation San Diegan but also lived in Northern California, Alaska, and Arizona before deciding there was no place like home. He has worked in diverse fields as an environmental professional, in customer service, tech administration, as a commercial fisherman, and a landscaper and builder. Jim has also taught Buddhist philosophy and practice and helped build a retreat center.

Returning home, he also returned to school to become a Certified Medical Assistant and recently worked as a physical therapy aide. Jim believes that taking care of others is the key to happiness. He enjoys a little yoga, hiking, and biking, and is an enthusiastic bodysurfer.

Rebecca Whitacre, Residential Technician

Rebecca was born and raised in San Diego. Her family has played an instrumental part in motivating her life path. There has been an extensive line of teachers in her family and education has always been important. Rebecca spent a few years at the Community College. She immersed herself in Human Service classes and fell in love with Social Work. She achieved her Associate’s degree’s in both Social Work and Alcohol and Other Drug Studies (AODS). She has strong ties to the recovery community and enjoys being of service to our patients.

Currently, she is a student at San Diego State University pursuing a Bachelors of Arts degree in Social Work with an emphasis in Mental Health. She aspires towards working in the Mental Health care field specifically working with people with co-occurring disorders. Recently, her life has changed and she has a new purpose. She is happily married and became a mom to a handsome little boy. They love to have family excursions and enjoy outdoor activities together. She enjoys spending time with her 1-year-old and her husband. Presently she is teaching her son to swim. In her leisure time, she likes to go to the beach, attend community festivities, and exercise at the gym.