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In 1992, MagnaCare Health and Labor was created as an economical alternative to the big insurance providers. Founded in New York, they started as a provider for labor funds. They later expanded their care to administrative services, managing healthcare claims, and medical management.

If you are a MagnaCare health insurance policy owner who is in need of assistance in your fight against substance abuse issues via drug or alcohol rehab, then you are in luck! MagnaCare will cover a portion, if not the full cost, of your rehabilitation. The percentage of insurance coverage offered is contingent upon your MagnaCare rehab coverage plan. To find this, simply input your details in our Verify Insurance page, click enter, and discover the full details of your coverage in minutes. Once you have completed this task, one of our specialists will help you create a strategy and chart your recovery course. Medically assisted detox and recovery can be expensive, but freedom from substance abuse is a worthwhile investment.




MagnaCare’s Coverage

MagnaCare provides a variety of plans to both organizations and individuals, tailormade to their specific size and needs. Their objective is to give their members cost-effective coverage for all their potential health issues. Although a large company, they are smaller than your Blue Cross or Cignas of the world. Instead of focusing on universality, they emphasize developing communities and providing high-quality services to individuals. This means that their policyholders can rest assured that they have a health insurance provider that has their back and best interests at heart. This personal touch allows them to create plans that will not break the bank and yet cover the vast majority of medical needs.  

Addiction Treatment with MagnaCare

After the passage of the Affordable Care Act in 2008, insurance companies were required to provide at least a modicum of coverage for substance and alcohol abuse treatments. MagnaCare took this mandate and decided it was not enough, instead choosing to provide service to their in-need members that went above and beyond the bare minimum requirements. To that end, MagnaCare views addiction like any other sort of harmful disease. As a result, MagnaCare has created focused plans and health services with addiction and rehab in mind.

Looking for Treatment?


If you are a policyholder, you will have multiple options available to you when it comes to drug or alcohol rehabilitation. First, though, you will need to meet with a doctor who deems rehab to be a medical necessity. In other words, they have to confirm that you have substance abuse issues and that it would be dangerous for you to detox without medical supervision. Your benefits and coverage will differ from others’, but typically they will offer coverage for inpatient and outpatient treatment. This could cover either part of or the entire sum of drug or alcohol detox. They generally offer coverage for:

  • Alcoholism
  • Benzodiazepine addiction
  • Cocaine addiction
  • Crystal meth addiction
  • Heroin addiction
  • Opiate addiction


MagnaCare Benefits

MagnaCare is well aware of the fact that the most commonly cited reason for why a person refuses to go to rehab is the associated costs; not only the direct health care costs, but also the indirect ones such as time off from work, family, and other obligations. Such stress and mental anguish can help push a user towards relapse. MagnaCare’s number one desire is to eliminate those fears so their policyholders can focus on their health and wellness by getting clean.



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