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Apex Recovery is a San Diego, California drug and alcohol rehab offering unique and evidence-based approaches with proven long-term recovery results. Why unique? Apex provides unprecedented psychological resources that no other rehab facility offers due to the exemplary staff and treatment offerings.

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Our Programs

APEX Recovery is a California State licensed, dual diagnosis drug and alcohol treatment program. APEX Recovery is one of very few rehab centers in Southern California that offers accredited care for five levels of substance abuse treatment programs. APEX Recovery a leader in drug addiction and alcohol addiction rehabilitation, offering inpatient treatment and outpatient programs. APEX Recovery’s clinical program was developed using treatment practices that are proven to be effective for long-term recovery. We blend evidence-based models to individually tailor a rehab program for each participant that maximizes long-term success. APEX rehab facility uses medical treatments, psychological therapies, and holistic modalities to treat individuals who need help with alcohol detox, opiate or heroin treatment, cocaine abuse, methamphetamine use, benzodiazepine or Xanax addiction, and many forms of pill or prescription medication addiction. 

Joint Commission Accredited!

ONLY Joint Commission Accredited Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment Center in San Diego for all levels of care!

  • San Diego Drug & Alcohol Rehab Center
  • Innovative & Integrative Addiction Treatment
  • Delivering Evidence-Based Results
  • Providing The Best Clinical Psychologists
  • Licensed Professionals
  • Accept most PPO insurance plans

“Every aspect of this program exceeded my hopes and expectations. I know the road ahead is tough and will require constant work but the counselors and staff here at Apex have quite literally saved my life, helped me process my root problems and given me the tools and support to move forward in life with my recovery. Facilities are comfortable and super conducive to recovery work. Everything about this place is purely great and my life starts anew as a result of my time and hard work here. Thank you Apex.”

– Zach, Apex Rehab Client

Our Treatments

Our San Diego, California rehab center & treatment facility uses graduate level therapists in conjunction with Board Certified Psychiatrists, to work on co-occurring mental health disorders that often underlie addiction diagnosis. These often include anxiety disorders, depression, bipolar disorder, and personality disorders such as borderline personality disorder and narcissistic personality disorder. our use of client surveys and rigorous outcome research during treatment, and after discharge with follow up case management services. APEX Recovery clinicians check in with active clients after each session during the rehab process to verify that the treatment received was meaningful and personally successful. Additionally, each participant is provided follow up case management services for one year following discharge to both provide any additional needed sobriety support, but to also verify and demonstrate that the APEX model of care is successful both now and in the future. APEX is accredited by the Joint Commission for Detox, Residential Rehab, Partial Hospitalization (PHP), Intensive Outpatient Rehab (IOP), and Outpatient Treatment.

Rehab Environment

Relaxing, Comfortable & Confidential Environment For Residential Addiction Treatment.


APEX Recovery Rehab is a southern Califonia recovery center that is Joint Commission Accredited & Licensed for all levels of care. We also employ outcome based research to verify that what we do works, now and in the future!


APEX Rehab offers treatment programs developed using evidence-based therapy practices. We blend our treatments to each indivdual that enters our program, because no person is the same, and everyone deserves the very best indivdual treatment planning and service!


Aside from our comprehensive and world class individualized addiction treatment program, APEX Rehab offers a wide variety of up-scale inpatient amenities to our clientele. Receive premium care at our California substance abuse residential treatment facility.


We maintain connections with program graduates after the treatment
program is completed, offering free case management services for one year following discharge.

Our Clinical Staff

APEX Recovery is one of few drug and alcohol rehab treatment programs in the United States that is clinician owned and operated. Our Founder and CEO, Dr. Matthew Bruhin, recruits both administrative and clinical staff that provide exemplary levels of treatment while ensuring program the highest level of safety and care. APEX Recovery Rehab is proud to offer some of finest physicians, comprised of both Internal & General Medicine doctors and Board-Certified Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Marriage & Family Therapists, graduate-level therapists, certified drug counselors, nutrition experts, yoga and reiki professionals, licensed massage therapists, and art and music therapists. Our staff is trained and experienced in providing evidence-based, integrative treatment approaches that work. Every member of Apex’s treatment staff works together as an inter-disciplinary treatment team that focuses on each client’s specific needs, never using a cookie cutter approach for sober living. By working together with our clientele and their family members, our staff will provide unparalleled service and support throughout the drug abuse or alcohol rehab process.


ONLY Residential Joint Commission Accredited Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment Center in San Diego for all levels of care!

  • review rating 5  Apex is a warm welcoming environment with knowledgeable staff that has helped me in my recovery process. I feel supported and I am confident that I will continue to receive any further needed help in the future.

    thumb Raymond Beaudry

    review rating 5  This is my favorite rehab that I have been to. The food is good and the staff are nice.

    thumb Elliot Vineyard
  • review rating 5  I have had a great experience while completing treatment at Apex recovery. When arrived at Apex I and I felt welcomed and the environment was warm. Eventually, as I formed connections and bonds, I felt like I was at home and the people here are now my family. I love the work ethic and the professionalism of the staff members. The chef is fantastic, and the food is great! I will always recommend Apex!

    thumb jose netro

    review rating 5  What I really liked about Apex Rehab is: 1) The small and personal groups, the group leaders were really focused on me the entire time (everyone is on a "first name basis"). 2) The one on one therapy sessions were always nice to talk about daily feelings and were very conducive to making decisions. 3) Couple's/family therapy was very helpful for my relationships with family and my girlfriend. 3) Being able to go out to A.A., N.A. and S.M.A.R.T. groups in addition to treatment at Apex, also Being able to go the local gym everyday was really nice and conducive to me feeling good on a day to day basis. (Leaving the house is always nice, when you're early in recovery you tend to get bored pretty easily, at least I did.) 4) The chef was excellent and respected that I did not like certain foods and usually made me something else when I did not like what everyone else was eating.

    thumb Ritz Automotive
  • review rating 5  I highly recommend this treatment center. The staff was wonderful with helping detox (giving the right medication, watching for any issues, dealing with emotions and physical responses). Then we started to look at the underlying root cause of my alcohol addiction. This was the real impact to my recovery. The final step of creating a good plan for outside of the center helped me prepare for the real world. I really feel confident that I now have the tools to be sober outside of the center. Lastly, the facility is awesome... wonderful chef, comfortable rooms. swimming pool, and access to a gym. You will love this place!

    thumb Nancy Nyman

    review rating 5  My Thanks and gratitude to APEX for their exemplary program. The environment was most conducive to my goal of sobriety. The beautiful home on Mt. Helix is physically attractive both inside and out it is clean, spacious and offers it own serene vibe. The therapists are nothing less than highly educated professionals. All staff displayed compassion, concern and a willingness to ensure comfort. The food was over the top, I had individual dietary needs and the amazing chef assured all these needs were met- Thanks Chef James! All group sessions were highly relevant to my recovery and included: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy and a newer therapy called Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. My issue was not my drinking, but why I drank. I was highly assisted in discovering personal issues to address in order to remain sober and improve my mental, emotional and physical health. The team met me where I was at in these areas and provided the information and education I needed. Most helpful to me was learning just how much I needed community in my life, which started at APEX. There were six other individuals in the program with me, which allowed for much needed individual attention and therapy. Thank you again APEX for the care and education which was entirely relevant to my ongoing sobriety.

    thumb karen bush
  • review rating 5  I came to Apex from another facility at the request of my wife and found the recovery I needed and had been looking for. The staff are all respectful, ethical and helpful. No matter where you go, it is up to you as an individual to find your path toward recovery. If you have it within yourself to truly try to understand who you are deep down as a person, there is no better facility than Apex. I am forever grateful to the staff for providing me with the tools and resources to be a contributing member of society and can't thank them enough for the peace and happiness sobriety has brought to my life, family and friends. I was a broken human being that was provided with the opportunity to explore myself as an individual and wouldn't have been able to do it without the amazing staff at Apex. Keep up the wonderful work!

    thumb dumbandnotso smart

    review rating 4  I recently did the inpatient program at Apex for an almost two week stay. The clinicians, staff and therapists were really great and helpful. I definitely learned a lot from them about myself. They all work with you and provided great support when needed. The only thing I would like people to note is that the pictures are a bit outdated and the houses don’t really look like the pictures shown on the site. During my time there there was no Equine therapy or music therapy which is something I was really looking forward to doing when I chose Apex over other rehab facilities. Overall my stay was good mostly because of the therapists I learned from and the friendships I made there.

    thumb Diana Meza

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