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Free Onsite Substance Abuse Evaluation and Assessment Near Me in Memphis, TN

Apex Recovery operates drug and alcohol addiction treatment facilities in Tennessee justa few hours outside of Memphis. These facilities are dedicated to providing comprehensive and personalized care to individuals struggling with substance abuse issues. If you are searching for “free substance abuse evaluations near me,” we have nearby resources and ready to help.

As part of the rehab treatment admissions process, Apex Alcohol and Drug Recovery Center offers a valuable service by providing free online drug and alcohol assessments, along with mental health assessments to those in the Memphis area. This approach ensures that you receive a thorough evaluation to understand your unique needs and challenges. Apex Addiction Recovery Center tailors its treatment programs to address both addiction and any underlying mental health issues, fostering a holistic approach to recovery with local professionals you can trust.

Blue Shield of CA Drug and Alcohol Rehab Coverage

Apex Recovery Offers Free Addiction Evaluation

If you suspect that you or someone you know may be grappling with substance use disorder (SUD), take the first step. At Apex Recovery, we understand the challenges that individuals face when dealing with addiction, and we are here to offer support. Reach out if you have any concerns about SUD. It can pave the way towards a healthier and fulfilling life.

Looking for a free substance abuse evaluation near me? Apex Recovery is here to make the process convenient. We provide the option for a remote substance use disorder evaluation or addiction assessment. You can initiate this assessment by simply calling us at (877) 881-2689. Our compassionate and experienced team is ready to guide you through the evaluation process, helping you in your unique situation. Additionally, if you prefer an in-person substance abuse evaluation, you can book an appointment to visit one of our facilities. Taking the first step towards recovery is a significant achievement, and at Apex Drug and Alcohol Addiction Recovery Center, we are committed to supporting you on your journey to a healthier and more fulfilling life.

What is Substance Use Disorder (SUD)?

Substance Use Disorder (SUD) is the problematic use of substances, including alcohol and illicit drugs. It includes a range of behaviors and cognitive functions associated with the continued use of substances despite experiencing negative consequences. SUD is a complex and chronic health condition that affects the brain’s structure and function, leading to an individual’s inability to control their substance use.

SUD is not solely about the frequency or quantity of substance intake but also involves the impact on various aspects of a person’s life, including relationships, work, and overall well-being. Treatment approaches for SUD often include a combination of behavioral therapy, counseling, and, in some cases, medication to help individuals achieve and maintain recovery. It is essential to recognize SUD as a medical condition that requires professional intervention and support for effective management and long-term recovery.

What is an Addiction Evaluation?

An addiction evaluation is a comprehensive and structured process designed to assess a person’s relationship with substances and determine the presence and severity of addiction or substance use disorder (SUD). This evaluation involves a thorough examination of various aspects of the person’s life, including their substance use history, patterns of use, any associated physical or mental health issues.

Typically conducted by trained professionals such as addiction counselors or healthcare providers, the addiction evaluation aims to gather essential information to formulate an accurate diagnosis and develop an appropriate treatment plan. The assessment may involve standardized questionnaires, interviews, and discussions to gain insights into the individual’s motivations, challenges, and potential underlying factors contributing to their substance use.

Apex recovery cares about your journey towards sobriety. If your are looking for a free drug assessment near me, reach out to us today at 866.875.2933

What is a Mental Health Evaluation?

A mental health evaluation is conducted by mental health professionals to assess people’s mental and emotional well-being. The evaluation gains a comprehensive understanding of various aspects of a person’s mental health, including their current emotional state, cognitive functioning, behavioral patterns, and any potential mental health disorders.

During a mental health evaluation, professionals may explore factors such as the individual’s emotional experiences, thoughts, and behaviors, as well as their personal and family history. The evaluation process helps identify any symptoms of mental health disorders, assesses the severity of these symptoms, and guides the development of an appropriate treatment plan. Mental health evaluations play a crucial role in guiding mental health professionals in providing effective support and interventions tailored to the individual’s specific needs.

Substance Abuse Statistics

In the past year, 9.2 million individuals aged 12 and older misused opioids, while 61.2 million engaged in illicit drug use, underscoring the widespread impact of substance misuse. Shockingly, 46.3 million individuals aged 12 or older had a substance use disorder (SUD), with 94% not receiving any treatment, highlighting a significant treatment gap.

The co-occurrence of mental health and substance use disorders affected 7.7 million adults, but only 9.1% received both mental health and SUD treatment. More than half, or 52.5%, received no treatment at all. Moreover, the 50% increase in drug overdose deaths from 2019 to 2021 emphasizes the urgency of addressing addiction-related fatalities comprehensively. With over 30% of U.S. adults reporting anxiety or depression symptoms, 20% of affected people did not receive necessary help.

It is important to remember that you aren’t alone. If you or a loved one is struggling with Substance Use Disorder, reach out to Apex Recovery today at (877) 881-2689. Our compassionate staff members will help guide you on your journey to sobriety, starting with finding a substance abuse assessment nearby. 

Free Addiction Assessment

Schedule a free, confidential assessment with a licensed clinician. Apex Recovery can check your insurance coverage levels for drug and alcohol addiction, and mental health treatment.

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Is Drug and Alcohol Addiction Evaluation in Memphis, TN Free?

At Apex Recovery, the drug and alcohol addiction evaluation is offered free of charge as part of the rehabilitation admissions process. The complimentary assessment is a crucial step in understanding the unique needs of people struggling with substance use disorders. By providing this service at no cost, Apex Recovery helps to eliminate barriers to seeking help.

The free drug and alcohol assessment conducted by Apex Addiction Recovery Center is designed to gather comprehensive information about a person’s substance use history, patterns, and any associated mental health factors. This assessment serves as the foundation for developing a personalized treatment program that addresses the specific needs of each person. Call us at (877) 881-2689 for more information on an alcohol assessment near me.

Addiction Intake Evaluation with Apex Recovery near Memphis, TN

If you have concerns related to mental health or addiction, reach out to Apex Recovery for a confidential and supportive Addiction Intake Evaluation. Our dedicated professionals are here to assist you in understanding your unique situation and guide you towards the appropriate care and treatment.

Whether you’re seeking help for addiction issues or have mental health concerns, your call is confidential, and our team is ready to provide compassionate assistance. Take the first step towards a healthier and more fulfilling life by contacting Apex Recovery today. Your well-being is our priority, and our confidential evaluation is designed to help you on your journey to recovery.

Rehab Center Near Memphis, TN That Offers Free Assessments

Looking for a reputable rehab center near Memphis, Tennessee? Apex offers comprehensive services tailored to address drug and alcohol addiction rehab and mental health recovery. The good news is that Apex free and confidential assessments to determine the right rehab treatment for you. To discuss individual treatment needs, call us at (877) 881-2689, or visit us in person:

Apex Recovery Franklin:
4601 Carothers Pkwy STE 250A Franklin, TN 37067

Apex Recovery Columbia:
2710 Trotwood Ave STE A & B Columbia, TN 38401


Free Addiction Assessment

Schedule a free, confidential assessment with a licensed clinician. Apex Recovery can check your insurance coverage levels for drug and alcohol addiction, and mental health treatment.

Does Insurance Cover Substance Abuse Testing and Evaluation in Memphis, TN?

In many cases, health insurance does cover substance abuse testing and evaluation as part of addiction treatment services, but the extent of coverage may vary depending on the specific insurance plan. Addiction treatment is recognized as an essential aspect of healthcare, and insurance providers often include coverage for various components of the treatment process, including testing and assessments.

Insurance plans may cover different types of substance abuse testing, such as laboratory tests, screenings, or assessments conducted by healthcare professionals. Contact us at Apex Recovery Center, call us at (877) 881-2689,  or check your insurance  to confirm your specific coverage details related to substance abuse evaluations. Seeking clarification on insurance coverage ensures that you can make informed decisions about your addiction treatment journey and understand the financial aspects associated with testing and assessment services.

Does Insurance Cover Mental Health Testing and Evaluation in Memphis?

In many cases, health insurance does provide coverage for mental health testing and evaluation. Mental health is recognized as a critical component of overall well-being, and insurance providers often include coverage for various aspects of mental health care, including diagnostic testing and assessments. The extent of coverage may vary depending on the specific insurance plan.

Mental health testing and evaluation may include a range of assessments, including those related to mood disorders, anxiety, cognitive functioning, and other mental health concerns. These evaluations are crucial for diagnosing mental health conditions accurately and formulating effective treatment plans. Seeking clarification on mental health coverage ensures that individuals can access the necessary diagnostic services and receive the support needed for their mental well-being. Contact us at Apex today to learn more about a mental health evaluation near me, or check your insurance now.

What is a Dual Diagnosis Evaluation in Memphis, TN?

A Dual Diagnosis Evaluation is a specialized and integrated evaluation process designed to identify and address the coexistence of both substance use disorder (SUD) and mental health disorders in an individual. This evaluation recognizes the interconnected nature of substance abuse and mental health issues, understanding that one can significantly impact the other.

Professionals conducting Dual Diagnosis assessments often look at the relationship between substance use and mental health symptoms, considering factors such as the timing of onset, the impact of one condition on the other, and how both conditions may influence the individual’s overall well-being. The goal of a Dual Diagnosis Evaluation is to create a tailored and integrated treatment plan that addresses both the substance use disorder and the mental health disorder concurrently. Looking for a substance abuse assessment near me? Contact Apex Recovery today at (877) 881-2689

Free Addiction Assessment

Schedule a free, confidential assessment with a licensed clinician. Apex Recovery can check your insurance coverage levels for drug and alcohol addiction, and mental health treatment.

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What Substance Addiction Will I Be Evaluated For?

When undergoing substance addiction testing and evaluation, the specific substances for which you will be assessed depend on your individual circumstances and concerns. The evaluation process is designed to be comprehensive, considering any substances you may be currently taking and those that raise concerns. Below are examples of common substances for which people often seek addiction testing and evaluation:

Free Addiction Assessment

Schedule a free, confidential assessment with a licensed clinician. Apex Recovery can check your insurance coverage levels for drug and alcohol addiction, and mental health treatment.

What Mental Health Disorders Will I Be Tested For?

When seeking mental health testing and evaluation, people may have concerns about a range of disorders affecting their emotional well-being. The evaluation process is designed to address these concerns comprehensively. Below are examples of common mental health disorders for which people often seek testing and evaluation:

How to Find an Onsite Substance Abuse Testing Center Near Memphis, TN

If you’re looking to find an onsite substance abuse testing center near Memphis, TN, there are several steps you can take to locate a facility that meets your needs. Here’s a step-by-step guide to finding an onsite substance abuse testing center:

  • Online Search: Utilize search engines to locate testing centers nearby, making it easy to find relevant information on their services and contact details. Look into keyword phrases like “substance abuse evaluation near me” for best results.
  • Health Directories: Explore online health directories that provide comprehensive lists of testing centers near Memphis, allowing you to review available services and choose the best option.
  • Government Health Resources: Check government health websites or local health departments for valuable information on substance abuse testing centers, ensuring reliability and credibility.
  • Health Insurance Provider: Contact your health insurance provider to obtain a list of covered onsite substance abuse testing centers, helping you understand your coverage options.
  • Physician Referral: Seek recommendations from your primary care physician, who can provide insights and referrals to reputable testing centers in your proximity.
  • Community Health Clinics: Inquire at community health clinics or local health centers in Memphis for information on available testing services, ensuring accessibility within your community.
  • Substance Abuse Hotlines: Reach out to substance abuse hotlines or helplines to receive guidance on finding testing centers, tapping into specialized resources for assistance.
  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP): If applicable, consult your workplace’s Employee Assistance Program for information on substance abuse testing resources, ensuring alignment with your employment context.
  • Support Groups and Counseling Centers: Connect with nearest support groups or counseling centers, which may provide valuable insights into available testing services in your area.
  • Online Reviews and Testimonials: Read online reviews and testimonials from individuals who have undergone onsite substance abuse testing, gaining firsthand perspectives on the quality of services offered.
  • Walk-In Clinics: Explore walk-in clinics or urgent care centers that may offer onsite substance abuse testing services, providing flexibility and convenience.
  • Online Maps and Apps: Use online maps or mobile apps to search for and locate nearby onsite substance abuse testing centers, leveraging technology for efficient navigation and discovery.

What Are Some Addiction Evaluation Questions I Will Be Asked?

During an addiction evaluation, you may be asked a range of questions to gather comprehensive information about their substance use and related factors. Example questions include:

  1. Substance Use History:
    • How long have you been using the substance?
    • What is the frequency and quantity of your substance use?
  2. Previous Treatment:
    • Have you received any previous addiction treatment?
    • If so, what types of treatment have you undergone?
  3. Triggers and Stressors:
    • Are there specific situations or stressors that trigger your substance use?
    • How do you typically cope with stress?
  4. Social and Environmental Factors:
    • What role does substance use play in your social life?
    • Are there environmental factors that contribute to your substance use?
  5. Health History:
    • Do you have any physical health issues related to your substance use?
    • Are you currently taking any medications?
  6. Mental Health:
    • Have you experienced symptoms of depression or anxiety?
    • Are there any mental health concerns you would like to discuss?
  7. Motivation for Change:
    • What motivates you to seek help for your substance use?
    • What are your goals for the future in terms of substance use?

These questions aim to assess the individual’s substance use patterns, triggers, underlying factors, and motivation for seeking help. The information gathered helps in tailoring a personalized treatment plan. It’s crucial for individuals to provide as much detail as possible during the evaluation, and they should openly discuss any mental health issues for a more accurate assessment. Questions may vary based on individual circumstances, ensuring that the evaluation is tailored to the specific needs of the person seeking assistance.

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Statistics

  • 9.2 million people 12 and older misused opioids in the past year.
  • 61.2 million people used illicit drugs in 2021
  • 46.3 million people aged 12 or older had a SUB in the U.S.
  • 94% of people aged 12+ with a substance use disorder did not receive any treatment
  • 7.7. million adults have co-occurring mental health and substance use disorders
  • 9.1% of those people received both mental health and SUD treatment
  • 52.5% of those people did not receive any treatment
  • More than 30% of adults in the U.S. reported anxiety or depression symptoms
  • Drug overdose deaths increased 50% from 2019 to 2021
  • 20% of people with anxiety or depression did not receive mental health help


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