APEX History

Once upon a time, two addiction treatment individuals met fortuitously at a local thrift store in San Diego. One knew addiction as a profession, working for 15 years with people who struggle with addictive illness, helping them learn how to overcome addiction. The other knew addiction as a reality, beating an illness that once threatened to consume him. Now, sober for over a decade, he worked to share his success and experience with others. Together they had one thing in common, a vision to create the very finest drug and alcohol treatment program; to make the experience life changing, affordable, and successfully bring this healing to people from all walks and backgrounds. Apex was created to break the mold of Rehab, by implementing differing views and perspectives, different models and philosophies, always having an open mind to all peoples experience, both staff and clientele, all with the common goal of treating each individual that comes into our program with best evidence based practices, best professional staff, and philosophy that no one is too far gone to discover the answer that will make them well.

APEX Recovery was founded in 2013. It is licensed by the California Department of Health Care Services & Accredited by the Joint Commission. APEX Recovery Treatment Center, is a high-end luxury drug rehab California center that has Detox, Residential and an Out-Patient services. APEX is in Mission Valley and Mount Helix, San Diego. APEX Recovery integrates evidence-based treatment for alcohol and drug addiction, depression, and co-occurring disorders. Our Clinical Team is highly trained, experienced, dedicated, and compassionate. We utilize individualized treatment planning. We provide excellent holistic programming. Comfortable and beautiful accommodations, executive private and semi-private bedrooms are available. We create an environment that takes the pain out of the rigorous process of addiction treatment. The comfort, tranquility, and relaxation of the client are paramount to APEX Recovery at every turn, allowing the client to rejuvenate to meet the demands of treatment with greatest energy and attention.

Core Values

Wisdom, Integrity, Value, Excellence, and Accountability are values that are the guiding principles upon which our organization has been built.  They act as a compass to guide our actions, and our choices.

Our Mission is to provide the best possible evidence – based individual treatment and recovery in the world. Treat every person and family in recovery with dignity,  respect, love, personal care and attention. Follow the best scientific, medical, holistic and smart ways to deal with one’s addiction and offer a comfortable setting and memorable experience to last a life time for every client and their family. We achieve our mission by having very strong convictions, a set of beliefs and solid core values, family-centered, comprehensive, individualized, treatment that takes place in a safe, substance-free environment.

Our Philosophy is to offer clinical excellence in intensive treatment of dual diagnosis alcohol and drug addiction and strive to be the finest alcohol & drug addiction treatment center. Providing a continuum of treatment services, seamless transitions to each level of care, and ongoing alumni tracking, clients can remain engaged and develop a true peer to peer support system within the community.

Our Vision is to become a force for good and become one of most successful substance abuse treatment programs in the United States by helping reduce the opiate epidemic. APEX Recovery was founded in early 2013. It is licensed & certified by the Department of Health Care Services & Accredited by the Joint Commission. Prior to the establishment of APEX Recovery its founders spent months utilizing research and best practices, to create an optimal model of treatment. After careful evaluation, it was concluded that including holistic and integrative treatments, along with family therapy involvement in our program, would be the most important piece in influencing a patient’s recovery and continued sobriety. 

“Apex Recovery was founded to shift how the rehab experience works. Over the past five years, I have selected and trained the very best addiction professionals to work with all types of people that struggle with addiction. For years, the twelve-step model has dominated the treatment industry, often to the detriment of people looking for help. Apex was built to modernize how treatment is done by using evidence based psychological models and combining them with proven medication assisted treatment and holistic modalities. The end result, is an effective, accredited and highly regarded treatment system that works.” – Dr. Matthew J. Bruhin, CEO 

Dr. Matthew J. Bruhin, CEO

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