APEX Rehab offers programs developed using evidence-based therapy practices. Our rehab therapy is diverse and includes many models that have been studied for effectiveness with addicted individuals.

Rehab Programs In San Diego Overview

Our rehab therapy programs in San Diego include couples group therapies with individual therapies, with all clientele receiving multiple individual and group sessions daily. Rehab therapy is a crucial element of understanding where addiction comes from, what causes it, and what continues to lead someone into relapse. Our San Diego rehab programs focus on all elements of early long-term recovery, helping people uncover and understand why they follow certain behavioral patterns or co-occurring disorders that lead to addiction. Our medical health professional rehab specialists are never dogmatic, judgmental, or punitive, they are simply here to help.

  • Medication Assisted Detox Treatment
  • Chemical Dependency Treatment
  • Dual Diagnosis Treatment
  • Program Treatment Therapies


Rehab Programs: What Apex Recovery Treats

Alcohol Rehab Program

Apex alcohol addiction treatment can be completed by inpatient (residential rehab) or outpatient, depending on what suits the individual best.

Once alcohol detox has been safely accomplished, APEX Rehab’s alcohol addiction therapy treatment involves an intensive, integrative program that allows clients to get to the root of their out-of-control drinking and increase their chances of maintaining sobriety. This treatment looks at co-occurring mental health disorders to uncover any underlying issues that might be feeding into the addiction.

 Cocaine Addiction Rehab

Cocaine is an extremely dangerous and powerful drug. Every recovering cocaine addict needs professional help from an addiction counselor to successfully escape the substance abuse and live a life of sobriety. Our inpatient addiction specialists for cocaine substance abuse can help you get clean and live the life you desire.

 Heroin Addiction Treatment

The APEX Rehab team takes great pride in our heroin addiction treatment facility in San Diego. With the help of our ASAM Physician Consultants and addiction specialists, clients can use Suboxone to help you through the withdrawal symptoms of heroin detox and stay focused on long-term recovery. Meanwhile, the clinical staff works to help change the individual’s behaviors and gives them the tools to better deal with recurring cravings and urges to use. We know finding drug addiction treatment centers near me can be difficult, but if you are in California, APEX can be the best option for a successful recovery.

Outpatient Treatment Program

Our outpatient treatment program incorporates group therapy, individual psychotherapy, drug, and alcohol counseling, and psychiatry or addiction medicine services. We utilize Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, DBT, Motivational Interviewing, Coping Skills training and a variety of other didactic and process therapies. These therapies help individuals who have already finished a formal inpatient rehabilitation program or residential treatment rehab program, are currently sober and need the continuation of outpatient care.

Our goal at APEX drug and alcohol rehab program is to build collaborative relationships with each client and their families, in order to better help them work through the Stages of Change. Each client that enters our inpatient rehab treatment program is introduced to rehab therapies that require their participation. We value everyone’s individual experience and work to allow our therapies to heal those who have suffered from addiction.

We Cater to Los Angeles Area Patients

Are you looking for a Los Angeles rehab but want to get away from all the hustle and bustle of big-city life? If so, our San Diego rehab can be an ideal restorative escape for your time in rehab. Situated just over 100 miles from Los Angeles, San Diego serves as the perfect city to reflect, rebalance, and restore. You’ll feel right at home when staying in the beautiful city of San Diego. With temperate climates, idyllic beaches, and relaxing hiking trails, this location offers everything you could possibly want while going through recovery. 

Getting Clean and Sober: Where to Go For Recovery

Sometimes all it takes is a little change in scenery for you to gain a new perspective. Heading to San Diego for your alcohol or drug treatment can be a rejuvenating new start to your sober life. 

We know how difficult it can be to go through a medical detox and counseling services during inpatient care. That’s why we pair all of our patients with experienced counselors that can help devise an individualized treatment program that’s specific to their alcohol or drug addiction. 

Getting away from the chaos and distractions of LA will help you reflect at a deeper level while going through treatment. At Apex recovery, our rehab program doesn’t just help with detoxification and counseling, it helps an addict get one step closer to living a sober life. Come join us as we take a step towards sobriety. Together. 

The Difference With Our Inpatient Program

Before you select an inpatient program, please realize that not all alcohol and drug rehab centers are created equal. At Apex Recovery, we strive to give our patients the very best counseling, detoxification, and treatment in all of California. 

We know the struggle of addiction and what kind of toll it can take on an individual’s life. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to guide individuals through the daunting stages of recovery. Our treatment programs for substance abuse are catered to each of our clients so that we can give every addict the best therapy possible. We also offer the very best therapists for our rehab program, ensuring that every person that we treat has the best chance at success in recovery.

We Cater to Orange County Area Patients

If you are looking for a recovery center that can support you on your road to sobriety, our San Diego Rehab is your answer. Our San Diego drug addiction treatment center is just a two-hour drive from Orange County, serving as the perfect location to reflect and renew. You’ll find that our residential treatment offers the perfect sanctuary for you to confront your addiction, learn from our counselors, and begin the healing process so you can achieve a sober life. With so many beautiful beaches, hiking trails, and oceanfront promenades, San Diego serves as the perfect home base for starting your next, sober chapter in life. 

Let Us Help You Recover From Your Substance Abuse At Our San Diego Treatment Center

At Apex Recovery Center, we’ll help you find a treatment program that suits your specific needs. We know how difficult the detoxification process can be. That’s why we have made it our mission to pair each and every patient with caring staff members in a comfortable environment throughout their residential treatment program.

If you are ready to live a sober life free of substance abuse and regret, Apex Recovery is ready to help. Our experienced counselors will help guide you and lead you down the road to recovery in a safe and supportive space. 

The Difference With Apex Recovery

Not all drug rehabilitation facilities are created equal. Our team of professionals place your health and sobriety at the forefront of your individualized treatment. From the initial therapy session to the medical detox to the day you’re discharged from our outpatient treatment center, our educated counselors will help guide you step-by-step throughout the entire process. Once you’re sober, we’ll help you devise a relapse prevention plan so you can stay clean and sober for life. 

Call our alcohol and drug detox center today to learn more about our treatment options at Apex Recovery. 

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