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Unfortunately, the desire to use cocaine continues long after the drug has left the bloodstream. There are a lot of mental instabilities known as co-occurring disorders which may be prominent in people detoxing from cocaine. The drug addiction treatment team at APEX Rehab centers realizes that cocaine is a powerfully addictive stimulant drug that can have a variety of adverse long-term effects on both the mind and body which is why the integrative Cocaine Therapy Program at APEX Rehab is focused on healing not just mental health treatment, but also the body.

Cocaine-induced pleasure is enormous, at least initially. With time, the brain becomes accustomed to the presence of cocaine and cannot produce the feeling of pleasure on its own as well as it could before cocaine. Those who indulge in cocaine typically seek more of this powerful pleasure and keep increasing the doses in pursuit of the initial “high”. The vicious circle inevitably leads to a drug addiction, physical dependency and a life oriented around cocaine acquisition.

Cocaine is an extremely dangerous and powerful drug and every recovering cocaine addict needs professional help in order to successfully escape the substance abuse. Cocaine dependence has long-term effects not only on the body, but on the cocaine addicts mental health as well.

First of all, cocaine is unbelievably addictive. Lab mice who were given hits of cocaine every time they operated a lever eventually died because they didn’t want to do anything else but get cocaine by pressing the lever.

Secondly, cocaine is exceptionally unpredictable. It increases the pulse rate, but heightens the blood vessels, which results in a higher blood pressure. Cocaine can induce cardiac arrest in users absolutely any time – the first or the five-hundredth.

Cocaine, like all drugs, rewires the brain and that’s the root of its addictive nature. However, there are also brains which are wired in such a way that makes them more susceptible to developing addictions. Actually, any addiction or substance abuse, including cocaine addiction, is 50% genes and 50% inadequate coping skills.

The fact that one half of the addiction are coping skills gives addicts a hope of recovery. APEX Rehab provides cocaine addiction treatment in San Diego that aims to improve the patient’s ability at effectively coping with everyday psychological, social and emotional problems. Cocaine abuse is predominantly a way of avoiding problems, because the user lacks the skills to tackle them. Durable effects of detox and the cocaine rehab process hinge on psychological therapy. 

As a drug rehab in San Diego, APEX Rehab takes an integrative, holistic approach in our residential and outpatient cocaine addiction treatment center. We have highly qualified professionals who can support the recovering cocaine addicts through multiple programs that include: individual, group and family counseling, cognitive behavioral therapy and experiential therapies such as music therapy, nutritional counseling, wellness and recreation, meditation, and therapies that focus on sexual issues and sexual identity.

A recovering cocaine addict needs professional help during rehab. Cocaine addiction rapidly ruins personal relationships and it has far-reaching and long-lasting health consequences. Actually, cocaine users are unusually impulsive, which has a detrimental effect on their decision-making skills and their willpower when it comes to indulging in any kind of opiate. Only with the help of experienced, specialized and compassionate staff do they have the best odds at conquering their addiction.

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