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Apex Recovery Locations

a skyline in California that includes one of many apex recovery locationsApex Recovery has nationwide service areas to serve people affected by addiction. No matter where you’re from, you can find help in one of our centers. Our compassionate team of professionals is dedicated to helping you or a loved one dealing with a substance use disorder or process addiction.

With multiple levels of care at Apex Recovery locations in California and Tennessee, we strive to be a haven for people starting the early stages of recovery.

Who Are Apex Recovery?

Apex Recovery serves the behavioral health needs of individuals in both the San Diego and Nashville areas. We provide a wide range of substance use and mental health treatment, ranging from inpatient and residential treatment, to outpatient programs including Partial Hospitalization Programs and Intensive Outpatient.

We provide high-quality, evidence-based care using a variety of different types of therapy such as Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), as well as other evidence-based practices to help those struggling with addiction and mental health.

Apex Recovery Rehab Facility Locations

At Apex Recovery, we currently have a number of locations in both San Diego, CA, and Nashville, TN. Below are the facility locations and the types of treatment we offer at each:

Apex Recovery Nashville Facilities:

  • Apex Recovery Franklin (Outpatient)
  • Apex Recovery Columbia (Inpatient & Outpatient)

Apex Recovery San Diego Facilities:

  • Apex Recovery San Diego (Corporate & Outpatient)
  • Apex Recovery Bonnie Lane (Detox & Residential)
  • Apex Recovery Angels House (Partial Hospitalization)

Intake Process at Apex Recovery

Below is the common intake process when entering addiction treatment with Apex Recovery. This may differ depending on the level of care you are receiving and the facility that you are attending:

  1. We will welcome you and answer any questions you and your loved ones may have about the facility you’re attending and the types of treatment you will be receiving.
  2. We will collect payment, if applicable, and make a copy of your ID and insurance card.
  3. Once your loved ones depart, we will begin the intake process by:
    • Conducting a non-invasive body search.
    • Search of your personal belongings.
    • Drug screening.
  4. We will place your cash, ID, passports, credit/debit cards, cell phone etc. in storage in a safe and secure location on-site.
  5. Completion of pre-admission paperwork.
  6. Completion of admission documentation in our system.
  7. Set you up with a Provider Visit.

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