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Medication Management

A person handling a medication, symbolizing medication management servicesWhile many patients come to us to break free from drug addiction, they often have been prescribed necessary medications as well. Apex Recovery therapists integrate medication management services into their treatment protocols. There are two parts to this approach. First, we monitor medications that a patient takes to confirm he or she is complying with the dosage and regimen. Second, we also ensure the patient avoids dangerous drug interactions and other complications. With addiction rehab programs, it’s essential that individuals have all the tools needed to experience a successful, long-term recovery.

Why Medication Management is Important in Addiction Treatment

Some addiction treatment centers in Tennessee are against treating recovering individuals with medication, but the general industry stance is that this attitude is behind the times. Pharmacy and medicine have come a long way in recent years. When properly prescribed, drugs can both alleviate the withdrawal process and reduce the cravings during rehabilitation. This is hugely important because relapse is a high risk for addicted individuals. The less the patient craves the drug, the less likely they are to relapse.

It is crucial, however, that a specialized addiction physician consultant administer maintenance medication. Think of addiction as a chronic disease. As a result, it’s extremely difficult for the sufferer to follow the rules regarding the medication without a physician’s constant monitoring. If an individual undergoes rehabilitation and relapses relatively soon by abusing maintenance meds, it is usually the case that they didn’t have anyone to manage their medication throughout the process.

Medication Isn’t the Answer, It’s Just a Component

Medication cannot make for a successful treatment on its own. However, it has shown excellent results in conjunction with counseling, psychotherapy and other complementary practices. Without the burden of the physical side of their addiction, patients are able to focus better on the mental and emotional side of recovery treatment.

Medications in addiction recovery programs are used to handle withdrawal, maintain abstinence and treat co-occurring mental disorders.

Before they decide to enter a treatment program, addicted individuals are typically afraid of the withdrawal process. A qualified addiction physician consultant will know which medications to use to make this recovery stage safe, controlled and as bearable as possible.

Maintenance Medication

Medications that prevents relapse are known as maintenance drugs. Sometimes, it is the same medication that was used in the detoxification process, but with the dosage adjusted. Such is the case with Suboxone, which is useful for treating opioid addiction, like heroin and prescription drugs. Maintenance drugs are vital in many cases because of the brain’s substance-altered chemistry. People recovering from addiction will find it difficult to function without these meds because the brain has been rewired through their addictive behavior.

Addicted individuals with a co-occurring mental condition must take medications for that disorder. The relationship between their mental illness and their addiction is complex. However, one thing is for sure. Without controlling the disorder, it’s quite impossible to stay away from alcohol or drugs.

Medication Management in Tennessee at Apex Recovery

Apex Recovery understands the importance of medication management services. We have a team of professionals who specialize in both addiction and mental health. Therefore, you can rest assured that we will monitor and adjust your medications as needed. With our help, you can make it through withdrawal safely and break free from substance abuse for good.

Our qualified staff also provides educational tools and support that patients can use in order to make better decisions regarding their medications outside of the treatment center. We strive to empower our clients with the knowledge they need so they feel more comfortable taking charge of their recovery journey. With a combination of counseling, medication monitoring, and education, we can help you stay on track and meet your goals. Contact us today at (877) 881-2689 or reach out online to get started on your path to a healthy, drug-free life.

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