Addiction, PTSD, & Psychology Evaluations for Veterans

Apex Recovery now offers veteran psychological evaluations. Once we verify your VA benefits, the first session is free. Professional addiction, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) evaluations are available when you fill out a short form on our website.

Our clinical staff is knowledgeable on improvements to alcohol and drug addiction treatment made over the past few decades. Alcohol and drug use and psychological problems, such as PTSD, are common among combat veterans. Only through a professional evaluation can these problems be effectively diagnosed and treated so individuals can live as normal a life as possible.

Rehab for Veterans with Drug or Alcohol Problems

In addition to free evaluations, Apex Recovery offers access to professional veterans addiction help. Military service members commonly drink alcohol during their deployments. Although the Department of Defense has strict rules on alcohol use, service members may engage in binge drinking, which can affect their ability to fulfill their duties. It can also cause problems in relationships and financial and legal challenges.

We offer addiction recovery services that include:

    • Treatment with medication to help recover from drug and alcohol abuse and to aid in preventative health strategies.
    • A psychiatric assessment and medication consultation to address co-occurring issues like bipolar disorder, anxiety, or depression.
    • A holistic approach to treatment that helps with healing and provides access to available addiction and recovery therapies.

Apex Recovery stands out from other veterans addiction treatment centers in that we combine addiction recovery with trauma recovery and address co-occurring disorders as well. For example, veterans with PTSD are more likely to face addiction, and individuals with intense anxiety often self-medicate with alcohol and/or illicit substances. Our integrative approach to treatment is designed to help them deal with their chemical dependencies and psychological health.

Rehab for Veterans - Apex Recovery

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Apex Recovery strives to help by offering addiction treatment as well as free veterans psych evaluations. Assessments are conducted by our trained, licensed clinical staff who can diagnose addiction and other issues and provide access to our wide range of outpatient and inpatient treatment programs in San Diego. Call 877-798-4404 or contact us online to learn more; or fill out our short form to get started.


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