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APEX Rehab offers a break from the chaos of everyday life as we firmly believe relaxation and tranquility should be part of any recovery and treatment program. As a smaller and more individualized facility, our clients experience privacy and serenity during their recovery – something that large, non-luxury facilities often lack. From our scenic surroundings to mid-century modern facility, APEX Rehab’s holistic approach offers an experience that is a cut above the rest.

Our Intensive Outpatient and Outpatient Rehab Programs are centrally located in Mission Valley, San Diego and easily accessible by public transportation.  Our beautiful and modern office space provides a comfortable and relaxing environment for our clients as they work towards maintaining sobriety while living independently. Our world-class professional care team can develop an individualized treatment plan that is custom made to help identify any underlying issues which may be the root cause of the substance abuse.

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Luxury Residential Treatment Facility

Located on the outskirts of San Diego, our clients are provided the opportunity to recover in “America’s Finest City”, where the sun shines year-round.  APEX is committed to helping our clients develop new leisure skills to fill their time, so when they leave treatment they have identified coping skills that promote sobriety and a life without substance abuse.  Recognizing the positive relationship between sunshine and outdoor activities and rehabilitation, our clients are able to explore the museums and gardens of Balboa Park, hike the trails of Cowles Mountain and enjoy the beautiful coastline and beaches.

Apex Recovery is situated in the scenic surroundings of Mt. Helix, a small and serene community of La Mesa, California. The fresh air and lush greenery of our gardens and courtyards promote rest, relaxation and a focus on the positive. Our patients can also enjoy a swim in the pool, gym membership and spa. We strongly believe a tranquil environment is crucial to make a positive recovery. Get help today! Call us at 877-798-5320.  

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