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Cigna Addiction Rehab Treatment Coverage in Nashville, TN

Substance use disorders and addiction can wreck lives. At Apex Recovery, we believe that rehabilitation and recovery can restore your personal and professional life. Apex Recovery is based near Nashville, Tennessee, where our licensed mental health professionals specialize in drug and alcohol addiction rehabilitation.

Apex Recovery accepts most health insurance and may accept Cigna rehab insurance to cover your inpatient or outpatient care treatment for drug or alcohol addiction. You can easily determine your insurance coverage levels by calling Apex Recovery at (877) 881-2689. Our rehab admissions specialists will verify your insurance and determine what documentation is required to receive treatment.

Cigna Coverage Rehab Treatment

Discovering Nashville and Its Surrounding Areas

Nashville, famously known as the Music City, is a charming destination, rich in culture and entertainment. With a music scene that is second to none, the city brims with world-class attractions, a lively dining scene, and an energetic nightlife. The city boasts a diverse landscape of rolling hills, beautiful lakes, and wide open spaces.

The majestic Cumberland River, with a length of 688 miles, traverses the city, adding a unique waterfront charm to Nashville. Venturing a short drive out of the city, you’ll find expansive vineyards and historical plantations, known for their Southern charm and hospitality.

A brief journey north of Nashville, lies the bustling city of Bowling Green, Kentucky. Home to the National Corvette Museum and the historic Railpark and Train Museum, Bowling Green offers a blend of exciting activities and historical attractions. To the south of Nashville, the quaint and charming towns of Franklin and Murfreesboro serve as perfect gateways to the magnificent Tennessee landscapes. Whether you’re a lover of country music or nature, the Nashville area offers an unforgettable experience.

cigna logoWho is Cigna?

Cigna is a health services company dedicated to helping people improve their health and peace of mind. They have over 74,000 employees who serve more than 170 million customers. Cigna began over 60 years ago as an international group with experience in designing and implementing health insurance and employee benefit programs. 

Throughout the years, they have served clients from around the world, including offices in Spain, Kenya, and Malaysia. They were the first in the industry to get an ISO certification, which measures and monitors the claims process and ensures stringent quality criteria are defined and implemented.

Some of Cigna Brands and Services in Nashville, Tennessee

In Nashville, Cigna offers a multitude of health insurance services, providing comprehensive coverage and well-being solutions. Some notable Cigna brands and services in the city include:

  • Cigna HealthCare of Tennessee: Offering a range of health insurance plans, Cigna HealthCare of Tennessee focuses on providing accessible and personalized healthcare options to residents of the state.
  • Cigna Dental: Cigna’s dental program ensures comprehensive oral health coverage, emphasizing preventive care and dental wellness for individuals and families.
  • Cigna Behavioral Health: Addressing mental health needs, Cigna Behavioral Health delivers support and resources for mental health and substance abuse, promoting overall emotional well-being.
  • Cigna Life Insurance: Life insurance products offered by Cigna include financial protection for families, providing peace of mind through various life insurance options.
  • Cigna Pharmacy: The pharmacy services from Cigna ensure easy access to prescription medications, supporting overall health management for members.

What is Cigna Rehab Coverage?

Cigna rehab coverage is part of your health insurance policy with Cigna that covers treatment for addiction, substance use disorders, and mental health conditions. In 2010, the Affordable Care Act mandated that all health insurance policies written after 2010 must include coverage for essential health services. 

The Affordable Care Act defined essential health services as those providing treatment for substance use disorders and mental health conditions. However, not all plans and policies offer the same benefits to individuals who need treatment. The best way to determine your Cigna rehab coverage levels is to call Apex Recovery at (877) 881-2689. The admission specialist can answer your questions, such as does Cigna cover rehab? Or how much is rehab with Cigna insurance?

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Rehab Center Near Nashville, TN That Takes Cigna

Apex Recovery center outside of Nashville, Tennessee is among the rehab centers that take Cigna rehab insurance. Our center is staffed with licensed mental health professionals who offer you a range of evidence-based and holistic treatment approaches to support your rehabilitation and recovery.


Apex Recovery Franklin

4601 Carothers Pkwy STE 250A Franklin, TN 37067

Apex Recovery Columbia:

2710 Trotwood Ave STE A & B
Columbia, TN 38401


Does Cigna Cover Substance Addiction Rehab in Nashville, TN?

Substance use addiction rehab is part of the essential health services required by the Affordable Care Act. Cigna rehab insurance offers some level of coverage for addiction treatment and rehabilitation therapy. That level of coverage varies between policies and plans. You can determine your coverage by calling Apex Recovery today.

Does Cigna of Tennessee Cover Medical Detox?

Yes, Cigna rehab covers medical detoxification. This is a highly effective and evidence-based approach to detoxification and rehabilitation for those addicted to substances such as opioids and alcohol. Medication-assisted detoxification occurs in an inpatient treatment environment during which you are monitored 24/7.

Does Cigna Cover Residential Rehab in Nashville, TN?

Yes, your Cigna rehab policy typically offers some coverage level for residential rehabilitation treatment. During inpatient care or residential care, your individualized treatment plan may include behavioral health therapy such as cognitive-behavioral therapy, and other holistic approaches such as motivational interviewing. Your inpatient care program typically includes relapse prevention and Cigna rehab may also cover aftercare.

Does Cigna Cover Dual Diagnosis Treatment In Nashville, TN?

Yes, Cigna rehab offers some level of coverage for dual diagnosis treatment. Dual diagnosis is the medical term used to describe an individual who has both a substance use disorder and a co-occurring mental health condition. Cigna rehab offers coverage for both substance use rehabilitation and mental health treatment and so also covers dual diagnosis. 

The licensed mental health professionals at Apex Recovery recognize the challenge of treating individuals with dual diagnoses and the necessity of treating both conditions simultaneously. Although they are two separate diagnoses, simultaneous treatment increases the potential for successful recovery.

Free Addiction Assessment

Schedule a free, confidential assessment with a licensed clinician. Apex Recovery can check your insurance coverage levels for drug and alcohol addiction, and mental health treatment.

Average Cost of Addiction Rehab in Nashville, TN With Cigna Insurance?

The average cost of addiction treatment in Nashville can vary widely. How much is rehab with Cigna insurance can also vary. Several factors influence your out-of-pocket cost, and the first is the intensity of your treatment program. For example, a 30-day inpatient rehabilitation stay costs more than a 30-day intensive outpatient program. 

The second factor is your Cigna rehab insurance policy benefits, alongside your deductible and potential copay. Once you have met the annual deductible requirement for your insurance policy, the insurance company begins to pay benefits. When you have a copay, the insurance company will pay a percentage of the charges and you will pay the remaining charge. For a better understanding of your out-of-pocket costs, including how much of your deductible still needs to be met, call Apex Recovery today at (877) 881-2689 or contact us online.

Blue Shield of CA Drug and Alcohol Rehab Coverage

Other Rehab Treatment Programs Covered by Cigna in Nashville, TN

Cigna rehab offers coverage for a variety of different treatment options offered on an inpatient and outpatient basis. Some examples include Cigna alcohol rehab and Cigna drug rehab treatment plans followed in a partial hospitalization program, intensive outpatient program, and inpatient care treatment.

How To Check Cigna Coverage Levels for Rehab Treatment

The best way to check your Cigna rehab coverage levels for addiction treatment is to call Apex Recovery at or contact us online to verify your insurance coverage. Our admission specialist will also determine how much of your deductible remains for this year. Using this information and other factors, they can also help estimate your out-of-pocket costs. 

An early estimate is not always accurate, since your treatment plan may change depending on how you respond to therapy. Your insurance company’s customer service line can answer your questions and tell you about the benefits for addiction rehab and treatment. However, the admission specialist at Apex Recovery will also determine the type of documentation required to submit claims, whether or not your policy requires prior authorization, and will guide you in gathering those documents. The admissions specialist at Apex Recovery is here to make your transition to recovery and sobriety as easy as possible.

How To Get Cigna To Pay For Rehab Treatment in CA

The best way to receive your full benefits through Cigna rehab is to understand the documentation requirements for submitting claims and the benefits you’re entitled to receive in the policy. Apex Recovery admission specialists can help by verifying your insurance policy and determining whether prior authorization is needed before treatment can begin. 

They can guide you in the process of gathering documents needed for prior authorization and can help estimate your out-of-pocket costs after Cigna insurance begins covering your addiction treatment. Although there is a customer service phone number on the back of your insurance card, you will likely not receive the same care in finding the information you need to get the most from your insurance policy.

How Many Times Will Cigna Pay For Rehab in Nashville, TN?

The number of times that Cigna will pay for rehabilitation detoxification and treatment in Nashville depends on your policy’s benefits and limitations. Not all Cigna rehab policies offer the same benefits. Some may offer full coverage for inpatient care and outpatient care, while others may have limits on the number of sessions or the number of times you can be treated.

Cigna rehab insurance offers a customer service line that can help you identify the benefits that help pay for addiction and substance abuse treatment. However, the admission specialist at Apex Recovery goes the extra mile to ensure you understand your rehab coverage, including the claims process and the amount left on your deductible. Our admissions specialists work hard to make your transition to addiction treatment as smooth as possible.

Some Substance Abuse Statistics around Nashville, Tennessee

  • In 2021, 56.6 per 100,000 people over dosed in the state of Tenessee
  • There were 3,038 fatal overdoses related to opioids in Tennessee in 2021
  • 80% of fatal overdoses were related to opioids in 2021
  • The age-adjusted opioid overdose death rate in Tennessee was 45.5 per 100,000 people in 2021, compared to 10.1 per 100,000 in 2011
  • There were over 7,000 overdoses that were not fatal, but resulted in  inpatient stays in the state
  • In the Nashville-Davidson-Murfreesboro-Franklin MSA, 9.3 percent of people age 12 or older were classified as with a substance use disorder. This is higher than the Tennessee average which sat at 8 percent over the same time period


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