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Xanax is one of the most commonly abused drugs. Upon detoxing, here in our Xanax addiction treatment in San Diego at APEX Rehab, both individual and group counseling make up the core of the treatment approach, working to help the client overcome his or her psychological addiction to the drug. Counseling does much more than just focus on the symptoms of addiction to Xanax, but rather it goes to a much deeper level and helps clients identify what drove them to use in the first place.

Xanax is a trademark for a generic medication called alprazolam. This is a short-acting benzodiazepine prescribed to reduce general anxiety, social anxiety and panic attacks. Even when it is given by a doctor to treat a psychological problem, any misuse is a slippery slope into addiction. Xanax is a sedative that provides a sense of calm. The problem is that taking Xanax results in the brain shutting down the natural mechanisms for creating a feeling of calm, causing it to become dependent on the medication.

Tolerance isn’t the same as addiction. In prolonged use, patients typically need ever higher doses because the body becomes tolerant. Misusing the drug and developing addiction could mean abusing the drug to get the “high” by crushing it or snorting it, rather than swallowing it.

The fact Xanax falls in the “short-acting” or “fast-acting” Benzo means its effects manifest quicker, but it also means that the withdrawal is shorter and more intense. Xanax detox is best conducted residentially, with round-the-clock medical supervision, which ensures the symptoms are knowledgeably managed. Detoxification controlled by a physician and supporting staff makes for a more comfortable and safe process.

However, detox is only the initial step. Xanax addiction treatment in San Diego at APEX Rehab can be done in an inpatient setting and outpatient rehab clinic. Both options are versatile, including counseling through individual and group therapy based on cognitive behavior therapy and motivational interviewing, but they can be complemented with auxiliary approaches such as recreation, holistic healing and experiential therapies, such as art therapy. APEX also offers other therapies that focus on the family, sexual and LGBT issues and traumas.

Inpatient rehab guarantees a pleasant, safe and temptation-free environment in which the patient can focus on dealing with the psychological background of their addiction problem.

Outpatient treatment can be beneficial if the patient is in the early stages of addiction and if they absolutely have to continue with their daily activities during the course of the treatment. However, because they are not supervised constantly, they should expect random drug testing. This policy has proven useful because it establishes trust and reinforces the patient’s decision to stay away from Xanax. There are other ways of dealing with anxiety than turning to Xanax, for more information, visit our San Diego anxiety treatment center. 

Xanax Therapy Program

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