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Several people in a group therapy programDealing with addiction and mental health disorders can make you feel like you are the only one going through the experience. Group therapy provides an opportunity to talk through shared experiences with peers also battling the same issues. There is no reason to feel isolated or alone. Group therapy is one of many therapeutic modalities that can be part of a personalized treatment plan at an accredited addiction treatment facility. Find the support you need in a group therapy program at Apex Recovery. For more information about addiction therapy programs, contact our treatment team today at (877) 881-2689.

What Is Group Therapy?

Group therapy encompasses a group of peers going through treatment for an addiction or mental health concern. Therapy sessions are led by a therapist and give people the chance to share their experiences, work together on building coping skills, celebrate success, and support each other when they are struggling. It is a unique experience in that you are learning from both professionals and peers as well as teaching others yourself.

The group of people you meet in group therapy may start out as strangers, but over time, they can become some of the most important relationships you take with you outside the walls of a treatment center. Having a solid support system is one of the most important elements of treatment. Support should be a well-rounded group of trusted medical professionals, family, close friends, and group therapy peers. Every person in your support system plays an integral role in your success.

Addiction Therapy Programs in Tennessee

Research has shown that having a support group makes for a more successful recovery. It’s why group therapy is a key part of most addiction recovery programs. Sharing struggles and wins, promoting positivity, and learning skills to make good choices when presented with challenges are all benefits of group therapy.

Members of each group therapy session are placed together based on the similarities in their addiction or mental health condition. The goal is to be able to lean on and learn from each other through shared experiences.

Benefits of group therapy include:

  • Building trust
  • Diversity
  • Mutual understanding
  • Shared support
  • Group encouragement
  • A new perspective
  • Working collectively on improved behavior

Group therapy might seem intimidating at first, but once members of the group feel comfortable in the setting, they can get the most out of the experience. Being able to hear each person’s stories and connect with people through shared experiences can provide a new perspective. Group therapy works alongside other therapies like individual or family therapy and cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) or dialectical behavior therapy (DBT).

Additional benefits of group therapy include:

  • Being held accountable for your actions
  • Learning to communicate more effectively
  • Feeling less shame about your addiction or mental health condition
  • Having real-time feedback

Group Therapy in Tennessee at Apex Recovery

Group therapy provides clients the opportunity to share with peers and know that they are not alone in their treatment and recovery journey. Opening up in a group setting can be challenging for some people, but once comfortable in the group and the setting, clients find it highly beneficial. Group therapy is a safe space and something that one can participate in at any stage of their recovery. Sessions among peers and led by professionals can be the catalyst for building important relationships and supporting the goal of lifelong sobriety.

Apex Recovery Tennessee offers a variety of programs and services, including:

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