Books to Read in Recovery & The Top Secret Project

We may live in a digital paperless age, but the power of books still proves strong. People read more nowadays because of social media and clickbait than perhaps ever before. In America, people also overdose on heroin and prescription painkillers more than ever before. It’s a sad plight, the epidemic of our nation, the opioid… Read More

Jan 09

Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms | Detox & Treatment

You can become addicted to just about anything. You can be addicted to something good, like exercising, something neither good nor bad, like video games, or something horrible, like heroin. The important thing to realize is the difference between being addicted to something and being extremely passionate about something. One of the main ways to… Read More

Dec 20

Holiday Spirits: A look at Holiday Time drinking (and ways to cope)

The end of December brings America alive. Christmas is coming, a new year is next, and cheeriness is running on high. The holidays are a time for family and friends, for love and for togetherness, for giving (and for hopefully getting) some pretty cool stuff. For many, the holidays are also a time of indulgence… Read More

Dec 13

Trump Anti-Opioid Commission Overlooks Prevention, Favors Supply Cuts

First and foremost, this article is politically neutral. We are not here to oppose President Donald Trump, and we are not here to support him. America has become quite a divided nation in this regard. We are simply here to report on the latest report from the President’s Commission on Combating Drug Addiction and the… Read More

Dec 04

Seven Myths about Going to Rehab

Addicts really have it bad when it comes to public perception. There is the stigma of addiction itself, whereby the public sees drug addicts or alcoholics as druggies or losers lower than the rest of us. Of course drugs themselves are horrible, but addiction is a disease. The average American does not tend to see… Read More

Nov 28

Alcohol Abuse and Suicide: A Deadly Relationship

Alcohol and suicide are more intertwined than you probably thought. An alcoholic is 120 times more likely to commit suicide than a non-alcoholic. Drinking is involved in a quarter of all suicides, and one third of those who kill themselves use alcohol prior to the act. So, among the 43,000 Americans who end their own… Read More

Nov 21

Press Release

Help Reduce Suicide Rates Coronado, California November 10, 2017: The Coronado Bridge has been called the deadliest bridge in America. Nearly 400 people have committed suicide by jumping off this bridge. Unfortunately, this is the fate of many people who suffer with mental health and substance abuse issues. Many of our Veterans have found the… Read More

Nov 12

Apex Rehab: Only Facility in San Diego with Joint Commission Accreditation

Apex Rehab is located on Camino del Rio in gorgeous San Diego, California. Apex recently received accreditation for behavioral health from the Joint Commission, which is “America’s oldest and largest standards-setting and accrediting body in health care,” according to their website . This makes Apex Rehab the first and only current rehabilitation facility with accreditation… Read More

Oct 16

How to Prepare for Rehab | Getting Started

The first step in preparing yourself for recovery is to take a deep breath and recognize that you have made a healthy decision for your future.  Now that you’ve come this far, here are the next steps you should take before entering recovery. The most important thing to remember when preparing for rehab is to… Read More

Oct 02

San Diego Scientist Receives Grant for Addiction Medicine

Heroin. Cocaine. Meth. Nicotine. These drugs have more in common than you may know. Yes, they’re all dangerous, all addictive, and all far too prevalent in American society. But did you know they all basically work the same way? Someone who did know that, and acted on it, is Nicholas Cosford, a professor with the… Read More

Sep 26

Trump, the Opioid Crisis, and the Current Status of America

The opioid epidemic is far from over. The entire nation is being ravaged every single day by drug addiction, but especially by heroin and prescription pill addictions. The number of American deaths from drug overdoses continues to increase, and has been rising since 1999, back when Bill Clinton still had two years as our president…. Read More

Sep 11

Fentanyl: Not Worth the Risk

Have you ever heard someone say, “It’s almost a relief to find just heroin or just cocaine or just crack.”? Have you ever heard a police officer say how relieved they are they only found any of those three drugs during a drug bust? The above quote comes from East Liverpool, Ohio Police Officer, Chris… Read More

Sep 04