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Outpatient vs Inpatient Drug Treatment: Which Is Right for Me?

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50% of people aged 12 and over have illicitly used drugs at least once in their lifetime. Admitting that you have a substance abuse problem is the first step in your journey to recovery. But once you’ve made that realization, you need to consider what type of treatment program might be best for you.

The most common treatment options are outpatient and inpatient drug treatment. Both focus on rehabilitation, but there are unique attributes that set them apart.

So, keep reading to find out more about outpatient and inpatient drug treatment.

What Is Outpatient Drug Treatment?

Outpatient drug treatment is usually seen as the less restrictive program. Outpatient rehab usually consists of two categories:

Partial hospitalization programming is an extremely intensive form of outpatient treatment. This program focuses on stabilizing behaviors and tends to consist of 5-6 hours of treatment per day, for 5-6 days a week. This form of treatment is just as time-consuming as inpatient treatments, so usually, patients aren’t working during this process.

Intensive outpatient programming allows patients to return to their daily lives faster. The treatments consist of 3 hours of treatment per day for 3-5 days a week. This is a more flexible form of treatment as it allows you to continue with your daily life while in the program.

Outpatient treatment options focus on relapse prevention as well as long-term recovery.

Outpatient programs might not be suitable for all types of addiction. If your addiction requires constant supervision to keep you from relapsing, it might not be the best option for you.

What Is Inpatient Drug Treatment?

Inpatient rehab requires the patient to admit themselves into the program. Patients stay there until the program is complete. This offers the patient a controlled environment that gives them access to the following:

  • 24-hour medical support
  • Emotional support

During this treatment program, other factors that can cause problems are also addressed. This includes addressing mental health conditions and underlying medical conditions.

There are different levels of inpatient treatments. Some programs are more hospital-like, whereas others closer resemble a spa or hotel. No matter the level of residential treatment centers, the care and support will be the same as the core concept is still there.

Inpatient rehab is time-consuming, and your daily life comes to a standstill until you complete the program.

Choose Between Outpatient and Inpatient Drug Treatment

The decision between outpatient and inpatient drug treatment is a personal choice. Each person and situation has different needs when it comes to addiction treatment, so there is no clear-cut answer. The best option is to chat with treatment programs near you to see what will be best for your situation.

If you’re looking for a treatment program in the San Diego, CA, and Nashville areas, feel free to contact us today. APEX Recovery is a high-end luxury drug rehab center that offers detox, residential and outpatient services.

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