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Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)

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Man claps hands as he talks about his addiction issues at a PHP in San DiegoA partial hospitalization program (PHP) supplies a similar structure as residential substance abuse treatment programs. The difference between a residential program and PHP is that clients can return home after PHP hours. You might hear people refer to PHP as a partial day program. IOP is an outpatient program that’s a care level below PHP. Intensive outpatient programs are less of a time commitment than PHP and inpatient residential.

PHP programming is an excellent option for people looking for a high level of care that provides some flexibility. The curriculum of a PHP program is usually conducted on a rolling basis. These topics can include anything from studying mindsets to uncovering the complexity of emotions. To learn more about our partial hospitalization program as well as our other rehab programs, contact Apex Recovery San Diego at 619.458.3435.

What PHP Looks Like

A client participating in our San Diego PHP will spend much of their program time in group processing. Educational topics such as the ones mentioned above benefit from the collaborative nature of a group setting. Apex Recovery San Diego strives to create a safe, judgment-free environment where participants can open up to work through their challenges and learn plenty along the way.

PHP participants will find that clinicians use open discussion as a vehicle to process the educational topics at hand. This approach allows clients to ask questions and use their personal experiences to relate to these topics. Hearing other people discuss their personal experiences is often an eye-opening experience that can foster essential recovery components like gratitude.

Structure is a crucial foundational block of our San Diego PHP. Other PHP forms of treatment include personal therapy sessions and academic or vocational time. This structure aims to help clients achieve higher levels of organization in their lives to promote healthy habits. Vocational and academic time is a great way to outline and work on long-term goals.

Let’s dive deeper into whether our San Diego partial hospitalization program might be right for you or someone you know.

Is a Partial Hospitalization Program Right for My Needs?

It is common for a partial hospitalization program to operate from a dual diagnosis standpoint. A dual diagnosis means that clients will be receiving treatment to improve their mental well-being and work on their substance abuse. Treatment for dual diagnosis and co-occurring mental health is hugely beneficial to people in recovery.

Many individuals struggling with substance use disorders simultaneously deal with mental health issues. Learning how mental health can trigger substance abuse plays a significant role in reducing the likelihood of relapse. A person seeking recovery will significantly benefit from our San Diego partial hospitalization program if they’re struggling with mental health and substance challenges.

Preparing for PHP

A level of preparedness is necessary for a person entering PHP. This idea of readiness can also be seen as a general commitment to drug and alcohol addiction treatment. A positive shift won’t occur if a person doesn’t have the desire to change. We’re going to discuss what PHP preparedness can mean for you or a person you know.

Heavy topics are regularly discussed during our San Diego partial hospitalization program’s treatment services. This process can result in physical and emotional fatigue from the deep-diving that a person is initiating. It’s natural for feelings of stress and other profound emotions to occur during PHP. The final result makes all the work a person does worth it.

Our San Diego PHP day treatment is an excellent option for people with a stable housing situation and a quality support system. Relapse is much more likely to occur for individuals who don’t have these two resources.
There are many benefits of a partial hospitalization program or a partial day program. We’ll be discussing some of the most important benefits of our PHP day-time only treatment plan below.

What Are the Benefits of Our San Diego PHP Program?

Group therapy isn’t the only benefit that PHP clients receive. Individualized counseling is one of the many treatment services that PHP offers. A client may not feel comfortable discussing certain aspects of their life in group PHP therapy. That’s where individual treatment programs come in.

Family counseling is hugely beneficial for individuals in a partial hospitalization program. A person that establishes a healthy relationship with their family will have a crucial support system that aids their recovery.

Additional benefits of our partial hospitalization program include:

  • Treatment is tailored to the individual’s specific needs
  • 24/7 care and support
  • A structured, supervised environment for recovery
  • Access to care is convenient without full commitment of inpatient treatment
  • Access to medication management services when necessary
  • Aftercare planning

Apex Recovery San Diego Provides
Quality PHP Care

A partial hospitalization program’s staff makes all the difference. Our experienced therapists, medical director, and office managers work together to create a plan for you that makes a positive impact. Apex Recovery San Diego thrives off its tranquil San Diego setting, luxury centers, and thorough treatment programs.

Take a step toward a fulfilling and healthy life by calling Apex Recovery in San Diego at 619.458.3435 or filling out our online contact form.

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