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Apex Recovery Nashville: Rehab in Nashville, TN

Find Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Nashville, TN

There are many different options for alcohol and drug rehab in Nashville, Tennessee. This page will outline some of the options for addiction treatment at Apex Recovery Nashville, as well as information about our rehab facilities in Nashville and the types of treatment we offer. If you or a loved one needs treatment for addiction or mental health, contact us for more information on how to get treatment in Nashville and begin your journey towards recovery.

Treatment at Apex Recovery Nashville

Apex Recovery is a Tennessee State licensed Nashville rehab that provides drug and alcohol treatment programs, including dual diagnosis. Apex Recovery is one of very few rehab centers in Nashville that offers accredited care for five levels of substance abuse treatment programs. Apex Recovery is a Nashville leader in drug addiction and alcohol addiction rehabilitation, offering a range of treatment programs including detox programsinpatient residential treatment, and outpatient programs.

Apex Recovery’s clinical addiction program was developed using treatment practices that are proven to be effective for long-term recovery and we blend evidence-based models to individually tailor a rehab program for each participant that maximizes long-term success. Apex’s Nashville rehab facilities use medical treatments, psychological therapies, and holistic modalities to treat individuals who need help with both addiction and mental health issues.

Apex Recovery Nashville Locations

There are 3 different Apex Recovery Nashville locations which cater to different needs, with a mix of both inpatient rehab and outpatient treatment:

  • Apex Recovery Franklin (Outpatient)
  • Apex Recovery Columbia (Inpatient)
  • Apex Recovery Columbia (Outpatient)

Read on to learn more about each of our Nashville rehab centers and how we may be able to help you.

Paying for Rehab at Apex Recovery Nashville

At Apex Recovery Franklin, we accept many different forms of payment for addiction treatment and mental health services. We are in-network with a variety of health insurance providers such as:

We also accept out-of-network clients and accept many different forms of payment such as Cash, Health Savings Account (HSA), Wire, as well as many other methods. If you or a loved one is in need of rehabs in Nashville, TN, please reach out to us at (877) 881-2689, or you can verify your insurance for rehab here. 

Women hugging about successfully going into inpatient rehab in Tennessee

Free Addiction Assessment

Schedule a free, confidential assessment with a licensed clinician. Apex Recovery can check your insurance coverage levels for drug and alcohol addiction, and mental health treatment.

Apex Recovery Franklin (Outpatient)


Apex Recovery serves the behavioral health needs of people in Franklin, TN as well as the wider Nashville and Tennessee area. At Apex Recovery in Franklin, we provide outpatient care for addiction, including Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOP), and individual therapy to cater to those with substance use, mental health, or co-occurring disorders.

Here at Apex Recovery Franklin, we are a Tennessee State-Licensed Facility with a wide team of licensed therapists and addiction recovery specialists with a number of years of experience in treating substance use and mental health issues.

At Apex Recovery Franklin we provide high-quality, evidence-based therapy and treatment for those receiving outpatient care. We use a variety of different types of of therapy in our treatment programs such as:

Inside Apex Recovery Franklin

Apex Recovery Columbia (Inpatient)

Apex Recovery Columbia is a brand new inpatient treatment facility in Columbia, TN. We provide treatment for those with both substance use and mental health disorders through high-quality treatment using a range of different behavioral therapies and treatment methods.

Apex Recovery Columbia provides adult men and women the very best and comprehensive mental health and substance abuse treatment. Our exemplary staff are highly trained and understand the complexities of mental health disorders and substance use disorders. We are licensed by the state of Tennessee for detoxification, residential, and partial hospitalization services , and are also accredited by the Joint Commission

Apex Recovery Columbia is a residential facility located in the rolling hills of Columbia, Tennessee. We treat a range of different substance use and mental health disorders, as well as those who have been dually-diagnosed. Our brand new inpatient facility in Columbia, TN consists of:

  • 20 Mental Health Treatment Beds.
  • 20 Detoxification Beds. 
  • 30 Residential/Inpatient Beds.

Our program is staffed with a broad array of healing professionals. These include medical doctors such as psychiatrists, internal medicine doctors, and emergency care, physicians, and nursing staff.

  • Detoxification: Apex Recovery Columbia starts with the detoxification process. Most of our patients spend anywhere from 3 to 7 days in the detoxification period. They are then assigned primary staff, including nursing and medical doctors who work with our clients around the clock, ensuring their safety and comfortability.
  • Transition to Residential Program: After completing the detoxification process, clients move into our residential program. This program consists of many helping and healing professionals, such as PhD level therapists, case managers, and recovery specialists. This period can last from 21 to 60 days depending on our clients needs. During this component of treatment, clients are introduced to healing models that will help them learn and better make lasting change in their lives.

Inside Apex Recovery Columbia (Inpatient)

Apex Recovery Columbia (Outpatient)

Apex Recovery Columbia is a beautiful new outpatient facility, offering Intensive Outpatient Programs, comprised of psychiatry, therapy, and supportive clinical services.

Our Tennessee state-licensed treatment facility can help you set and achieve your goals in a variety of different ways. Our licensed, high-experienced therapists, clinicians and medical professionals provide comprehensive care for all our patients, so you can be confident that we will be there with you every step of the way on the road to long-term sobriety and recovery. Read more about our treatment offerings below.

We treat a wide range of people from those who are working professionals, people who are still in between living situations, and also those who have recently exited our residential program. This program is crucial and effective in helping sustain early recovery and maintain the important skills that are required to lead a sober, stable, and recovered life.

Apex Recovery Columbia utilizes a number of behavioral therapies and holistic therapies in conjunction with our life skills building program. Some of the types of therapy we use in our treatment programs include:

The combination of great therapeutic help, medication management, and skill building activities helps our clients through the 90 day process and beyond. 

Deonta Rhodes
Spent 2 weeks in detox and therapy. And it changed my life for the better. I’m continuing out patient because of out side circumstances, but the community environment and staff was exactly what I would consider a God send in a chaotic life that was heading to nowhere and honestly death, this place saves lives. Don’t leave 5 mins before the miracle happens!!!!!! It works if you work it !!!!
Tim 2023
Best recovery center I’ve ever been too. Staff is caring and truly want to help everyone get better. Great food and comfortable and safe environment. I would recommend anyone wanting help give them a try.
Charles Allender
I really loved my experience at Apex Recovery. The therapist Dr Chrissy, Dr Ariel and the Rs staff including Kala And Brian just to name a few were great and very caring. I can honestly say it was the best rehab experience I’ve had. The cooking staff Alex And Mark were great cooks and they cater to all people likes and wants. I would recommend anyone looking for help to call them and let them help you on your road to recovery.
Cindy Robinson
Unfortunately, relapse is part of my story. Fortunately, I found Apex Recovery in Columbia to be an excellent rehab facility. The staff is welcoming and immediately makes you feel at home. The facility is beautiful, with a gym, many group meeting rooms with comfy couches, and a fully equipped art room! Our group sessions were just long enough, and the topics were unique. Apex is a dual diagnosis recovery center. They include the whole body and mind in the treatment of Alcoholism and drug addiction, including the treatment of other disorders. I learned more from my stay at APEX than I have from all of the facilities I’ve been part of! The owners and CEO work directly with all of the patients. From the owners to the nursing staff and assistants,the people who work at Apex are wonderful! You can tell it’s more than a job to them! They honestly care! By the way, the food is incredible!!! I’m in Apex IOP in Franklin TN now. The group meetings are personal, and we’re like a big family where we all come to give and get help. If you can’t tell already, I would give Apex a “10”! Sincerely, Cindy R
Abigail Dorough
It was an amazing program that helped me grow in so many ways if I had a friend that was struggling I would recommend them to come here.
David Smith
I have been around the Treatment/Rehab for over 10 years rather being in treatment myself or working in the field. I can truly say that I would trust them with my family if they ever needed help. One of the beautiful things about Apex is it is a truly case by case individualized program. From the top of MGMT to doctors to therapist to BHTS and operations and the cooks this is a safe healing program I would highly recommend to anyone. Special shout out to their out reach team Jeff B. and Dr B. Leah G and the rest of the team They will love you until you learn to love yourself.
Robert Bishop
Great place really felt a change and got alot of things settled with my alcohol problem and they gave me a brand new chance to sobriety with sober living.
Jessie Dreaden
I would highly recommend Apex to anyone. The staff was amazing. They went above and beyond on a daily basis during my time there to get my recovery journey off to a great start! Everyone was so kind and helpful through out the entire process. My family and I can not thank everyone at Apex enough!
Justin Hunt
Absolutely love this place and it will always hold a special place in my heart. The staff was amazing and the facility was very clean and up to date. Family visitation is allowed and it was very simple to get a hold of family. Sadly there was a death in my family while I was there and they were extremely supportive. They worked with my family durning my entire stay and we were all prepared for when I left. Would highly recommend this to any friend or family member.
Emma Snead
I am a 28 year old and this was my 1st rehab I have ever been to. My experience at this rehab was 100% amazing. I learned a lot about my drug addiction and alcoholism. The staff and Dr. Crissy are absolutely amazing. The community I met inside are always going to be MY community. Thank you to everyone at Apex for helping me and my recovery process. You all absolutely mean the world to me.

Inpatient Rehab in Nashville, TN

There are many different options for inpatient rehab in Nashville, TN, which means it is important to take your time and really analyze your specific needs and wants before making a decision on a specific Nashville rehab facility. The cost of inpatient rehab in Nashville will also vary depending on factors such as the length of treatment, type of facility you are attending, and the level of care and amenities being provided. Before choosing a Nashville inpatient rehab center, you should consult with the facility to ensure that your needs will be fully met in order to give you the best chance of success.

If you would like to find out more about Apex Recovery’s Nashville inpatient rehab program, please contact us by calling (877) 881-2689.

Outpatient Rehab in Nashville, TN

Similar to inpatient treatment, there are a wide variety of different options for outpatient rehab in Nashville, TN. In addition, there are many different types of outpatient rehab programs in Nashville which are available such as Intensive Outpatient Programs, as well as Partial Hospitalization Programs.

The cost of outpatient rehab compared to inpatient rehab in Nashville is significantly less as it is a less intense form of treatment, meaning you can continue with everyday responsibilities such as employment and childcare. Outpatient treatment may not be suitable for everyone, so you should always consult with a healthcare professional to ensure it is an appropriate level of care before committing to an outpatient program.

To learn more about outpatient rehab in Nashville at one of our Apex Recovery facilities, please reach out to our admissions specialists at (877) 881-2689.

Insurance Coverage for Rehabs in Nashville, TN

At Apex Recovery, we accept a variety of insurance providers for rehab treatment. Contact us today at (877) 881-2689 or verify your insurance below by completing the form provided.

Insurance Verification

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FAQs About Rehabs in Nashville TN

The cost of rehab in Nashville can vary greatly depending on a number of different factors and individual circumstances. Below are some of the common factors impact the cost of substance abuse treatment in Nashville:

  • Level of Care Needed – The cost of inpatient rehab will differ significantly compared to outpatient treatment programs.
  • Individual Insurance Coverage Level – Your specific health insurance plan may cover some forms of treatment, but no others.
  • Location of Rehab Facility – Where the facility is situated can impact the cost of treatment.
  • Length of Stay – 30 day rehab programs are likely to cost less than 60 or 90 day rehab programs.
  • Out of Pocket Costs – Costs not covered by health insurance can increase the cost of treatment.

In order to accurately estimate the cost of rehab in Nashville, it’s important to contact the facility directly.

Rehab centers in Nashville may treat a variety of different substance use and mental health disorders. Each facility will differ in the substances and mental health issues they treat so it’s important you contact the facility directly to understand what it is the specialize in. Below are some of the common issues rehabs in Nashville may treat:

  • Substance Use Disorders – Some common substance use disorders treated at rehab facilities in Nashville include alcohol, stimulant drugs, opioids, prescription drugs, and other substances.
  • Mental Health Disorders – Those struggling with substance use often have mental health disorders such as depression, anxiety, biopolar, and PTSD, as well as many others.
  • Dual Diagnosis – Many people may have underlying mental health disorders alongside their substance use issues, with Nashville rehab centers often providing integrated treated to address both issues.
  • Behavioral Addictions – Some common behavioral addictions include gambling addiction and sex addiction.

The length of stay at rehab in Nashville will depend on a number of different individual factors such as the severity of the addiction, the level of individual health insurance coverage, and the presence of any co-occurring disorders. The most common lengths of rehab in Nashville are 30 day rehab, 60 day rehab, and 90 day rehab.

These rehab programs may provide a mix of detox services, behavioral therapies and counseling to help treat the substance use disorder and any mental health issue. It’s important to contact a healthcare professional who will likely advise a length of stay based on your individual circumstances.

There are a number of methods to pay for rehab in Nashville, and there are many different ways to help with the cost of treatment. Below are some of the most common ways to pay for Nashville addiction treatment:

  • Health insurance.
  • Financing and payment plans.
  • Private pay.
  • Sliding scale.
  • Crowdfunding.
  • Personal savings/loans.

In order to decide which method is best for you, contact your preferred Nashville rehab center to see the options available to you.

Apex Recovery: Joint-Commission Accredited

Apex Recovery is a Joint-Commission-accredited drug and alcohol addiction treatment center in Nashville for all levels of care:

  • Nashville drug & alcohol rehab center
  • Innovative & integrative addiction treatment
  • Delivering evidence-based results
  • Providing the best clinical psychologists
  • Licensed professionals
  • Accept most PPO insurance plans
the joint commission golden seal

Our Clinical Staff

Apex Recovery is one of few drug and alcohol rehab treatment programs in the United States that is clinician owned and operated. Our founder and CEO, Dr. Matthew Bruhin, recruits both administrative and clinical staff that provide exemplary levels of treatment while ensuring the highest level of safety and care. Apex Recovery is proud to employ some of the finest internal and general medicine specialists, as well as board-certified psychiatrists, psychologists, marriage and family therapists, graduate-level therapists, certified drug counselors, nutrition experts, yoga and reiki professionals, licensed massage therapists, and art and music therapists. Our staff is trained and experienced in providing evidence-based, integrative treatment approaches that work. Every member of Apex Recovery’s treatment staff works together as an interdisciplinary treatment team that focuses on each client’s specific needs, never using a cookie-cutter approach to treatment. Working together with our clients and their families, our staff provides unparalleled service and support at every step of the recovery journey.

Our Rehab Centers in Nashville, TN

To learn more about Apex Recovery’s rehab programs in Nashville, please reach out to our admissions specialists by calling the number provided below, or by filling out our free assessment for rehab in Nashville by following the link provided

Call Our Toll-Free Hotline 24/7 at 877.881.2689