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Client Testimonials

Woman talks to client about client reviewsBut don’t take it from us…. Find out what clients and alumni of Apex Recovery Tennessee have to say about their experience and how our programs helped them get on the path to recovery.

In choosing a treatment facility, I was looking for a private setting with no more than 6 clients per house along with counseling and services available as needed. Apex delivered in all of these areas. Therapy/counseling was available as needed. The accommodations were fantastic. The home was beautiful along with a private chef literally cooking 5 star meals nightly. Pool and hot tub at our disposal with amazing views. Freedom to go on multiple hiking trails daily. The group classes were held to a high standard which I benefited from daily. I would highly recommend the executive package at the Jamul location. It includes a spacious master suite with all of the following: king size bed, walk-in shower, walk-in closet, private access, meditation bed. Health and wellness seems to be the priority of this rehab. If you’re looking for privacy, freedom, a vigilant staff, Apex would be the place to go to.


I’ve never felt better in my entire life. I have tried multiple rehab processes. Apex is the only place where I got everything I needed to beat addiction. Full support from medical staff and therapist. Great food & beautiful homes to start your journey to your new life. Apex equips you with the tools you will need the rest of your life. Staying sober is hard, but with support behind you, you can do it. They have continued support even after you have done your 30 days. Out patient classes and weekly visits with a therapist. Their staff is knowledgeable and dedicated to their craft. From meditations, sound bowl healing, yoga, eating clean, managing meds & group therapy, this is the place to get right. The place to release the cares of this world and focus on yourself and your journey in a safe and supportive environment. I owe my life and continued recovery to Apex. A million thanks.


This place is amazing. Aily is absolutely awesome and the staff at the house is great.


I want to commend Apex Recovery. Tomorrow marks one year since my daughter Renée went to Apex. We celebrate her one year of sobriety tomorrow. Apex was amazing and gave her the useful tools to cope, understand, and meditate when she went back out into the world. During the year she has graduated with honors for her Master’s Degree! I am so grateful to Apex for my bright-eyed, beautiful, sober daughter


Aily is a godsend—she stayed up all night with me to make sure my son got to Apex safe. She even drove to the location to ensure my son was there and made sure he ate—this was all in the late hours of the night. She was so compassionate. Not many people in this business care about the individuals they deal with because of the circumstance that they are in. But everyone has value and there is hope for everyone to come out on the other end. Apex is so lucky to have Aily because she exudes this principle in practice. I am so grateful for her and would recommend her services anywhere. She’s truly a gem.


I’ll keep it simple, and keep my story before Apex to myself. I’ll just say things had gotten out of my control, and my life wasn’t heading in a direction that I wanted it to be due to alcohol abuse. I checked myself into a detox facility that wasn’t very good, and quickly had to find an alternative where I felt comfortable to begin a new life. I found such a place in Apex. From the moment I checked in, I felt welcomed to a warm, caring facility who really cared about me. The detox house was good, and I was able to settle into the first week of sobriety that my body had experienced in decades. It was a rough go to begin, shaking and disoriented. But soon, I was able to eat well, swim in the pool to stretch my body, and move to the rehab house, where the real work would begin.

With multiple workshops every day, I learned tools I would use in the future. With a supportive staff, I learned that there were complete strangers who did this not only as a job, but as a way to help others. The food was outstanding, the cooks were open to input for meals, and were accommodating to other’s special diet needs. There was yoga, nutrition classes, massages, reiki, sound baths, and free time in the pool or to just read to break up the work steps towards recovery. We’d also take short outings when it was ok to, keep in mind I was in during the height of Covid.

I’m moving towards 6 months of sobriety now, and it’s not easy. Finishing Apex wasn’t finishing my work, by any means. But they were the corner stone to discovering my life in a fuller way in mind, body, and soul. I can truly say I’m not that person that could do this without the month of learning, cold turkey wasn’t an option here. I can also say that there is nowhere I would have rather gotten my feet under me than Apex. I spent years yearning for the words “At least now I can say that I’m trying“ to be sincere. They are today, and I thank Apex from the bottom of my heart for building me into a better person that can take this journey with pride and joy.


It’s taken me months to write this review. How can I possibly put into words the gratitude I feel for Apex recovery? However, in this season of Thanksgiving, I find it’s the perfect time to share my family’s experience. With the help and support of Apex, my husband once again has control of his life and his health, my children have their father, and I have my best friend. They literally saved his life from the grasp of his alcohol addiction.

When the best Kaiser could offer was a mental health facility for my husband to detox {try to imagine a strip search, outside privileges offered only 2X a day for 30 minutes- and that’s in a cloud of cigarette smoke-and people pacing the hallways screaming obscenities at all hours of the night} he was begging to come home after just 6 hours in. That is absolutely NO way for anyone truly seeking help to get it. I realized pretty quickly that because our Healthcare system is so broken, we would have to find an alternative for my husband to actually begin to heal.

Enter Aily Nguyen and the Apex team. Honestly, Aily is an earth angel and was the balm that my sad, helpless, confused soul needed to get me through one of the most difficult trials of my life. Her team literally rescued him from the “hospital” where he was and brought him to the beautiful sanctuary that is Apex. There he would find a private home with a pool, a chef that came daily with fresh gourmet meals, yoga, meditation and multiple therapy sessions each day. Here, in this safe haven, is where my husband could recover, work, heal and ultimately be reborn.

11/27 marks 4 months since our journey began. I’m happy to report that my husband remains committed to his sobriety, after 5 weeks of inpatient care and 10 weeks of IOP (intensive outpatient program). He has forgiven himself, and has been gifted the knowledge, the tools and the self awareness to stay the course. Apex was instrumental in getting him to this point, and our family is eternally grateful for the entire organization.

If you are looking for help with your addiction, Apex will rise above and beyond all expectations. If you want to be treated like a whole human being that deserves special care and attention throughout your recovery, look no further. If you’d like to have a place that still calls and texts just to check in months after you leave…. try Apex.

Thank you, Apex. We have our husband, father, son, brother, uncle and best friend back and we recognize the pivotal role you’ve played in his road to recovery.


Awesome recovery place. First time going to something like this and they made me feel welcome, was in residential for a few weeks and the chef’s food is very good… didn’t know what to expect but I didn’t expect something this nice, learned a lot about myself and the way I act, their therapists are all caring people who just want to help.. the team at the residential/detox houses are awesome too, caring about you and your health.. hope I don’t need to, but I would come back here! Thanks Apex, you guys are doing great work!


I’d first like to thank Aily Nguyen with Apex. She took my first call to Apex. I was calling for a loved one and the matter was urgent; I needed answers and we needed things to move as quickly as possible and she did that for us. She got straight to the point on everything, getting insurance verified, answering all our questions and concerns. I can’t tell you how much peace of mind her prompt responses brought us. In a time of urgency… this is the type of service you hope for.

I’m happy to say we were able to get our loved one got into the program right away and we couldn’t of done it without Aily’s effort. She’s texted and called us with updates of his status. I can go on and on… She absolutely wonderful. Thank you Aily, for your compassion, patience and all the info.

I will update again when he’s finished with the program to give his and our experience as his family dealing with Apex.


The Apex experience has exceeded my expectations and I would highly recommend their program to anyone struggling with addiction. After a 25 year battle with alcohol, I knew that I needed medical help. I honestly had no idea what to expect when I entered their program. The doctors, staff, therapists, chef’s and all others involved with my recovery were phenomenal. The accommodations were comfortable and very inviting. The food was delicious too … a variety of daily fresh meals prepared by two talented chef’s! So many people who struggle with addiction believe that they will NEVER become sober. With Apex and their team of experts, they custom tailor a program and options for every individual and will help guide you through the recovery process. I want to thank everyone at Apex, from the bottom of my heart for giving me the strength and tools to begin my journey of sobriety and recovery.


What I really liked about Apex Rehab is:
1) The small and personal groups, the group leaders were really focused on me the entire time (everyone is on a “first name basis”).

2) The one on one therapy sessions were always nice to talk about daily feelings and were very conducive to making decisions. 3) Couple’s/family therapy was very helpful for my relationships with family and my girlfriend.

3) Being able to go out to A.A., N.A. and S.M.A.R.T. groups in addition to treatment at Apex, also Being able to go the local gym everyday was really nice and conducive to me feeling good on a day to
day basis. (Leaving the house is always nice, when you’re early in recovery you tend to get bored pretty easily, at least I did.)

4) The chef was excellent and respected that I did not like certain foods and usually made me something else when I did not like what everyone else was eating.


I highly recommend this treatment center. The staff was wonderful with helping detox (giving the right medication, watching for any issues, dealing with emotions and physical responses). Then we started to look at the underlying root cause of my alcohol addiction. This was the real impact to my recovery. The final step of creating a good plan for outside of the center helped me prepare for the real world. I really feel confident that I now have the tools to be sober outside of the center. Lastly, the facility is awesome… wonderful chef, comfortable rooms. swimming pool, and access to a gym. You will love this place!


The residential and clinical team has genuine care and concern for all clients.

Rebecca has been an intricate part of my recovery. She genuinely cares and her ability to meet client’s needs is exceptional.

Apex has been the foundation of my recovery I highly recommend this program.


The detox and recovery homes are both beautiful and comfortable. The chef is a great at his job; the food was outstanding. The therapists care and teach alternative coping mechanisms and ways to reduce anxiety with yoga, meditation, and breathing exercises. You can get a massage once a week along with reiki (an alternative medicine that promotes restorative healing). The gym they take you to almost every day is good and includes hydro massage tables. The staff were very encouraging. Before I was released, they drove me to several sober livings and helped me choose one that would be right for me. It was a great place to start my recovery.


I came to Apex from another facility at the request of my wife and found the recovery I needed and had been looking for. The staff are all respectful, ethical and helpful. No matter where you go, it is up to you as an individual to find your path toward recovery. If you have it within yourself to truly try to understand who you are deep down as a person, there is no better facility than Apex. I am forever grateful to the staff for providing me with the tools and resources to be a contributing member of society and can’t thank them enough for the peace and happiness sobriety has brought to my life, family and friends. I was a broken human being that was provided with the opportunity to explore myself as an individual and wouldn’t have been able to do it without the amazing staff at Apex. Keep up the wonderful work!


Apex Recovery provides a reliable foundation for rehabilitation by adapting to the needs of its clients. The serene atmosphere allows for relaxation and reflection, while still encompassing many planned events and activities to keep the clients occupied. The Apex staff understands that the path to recovery for one person is likely not the same for another, which is why it does not abide by a single method of therapy, but instead offers a myriad of clinically proven approaches. One of the most notable aspects of Apex Recovery is the support it provides to the client’s families. Family and Couples Therapy is often critical to the recovery of an addict and Apex does a phenomenal job of helping to mend these relationships. This facility works hard to create individualized treatment plans, offers extensive after care, and genuinely strives to help its clients live a healthier, more fulfilling life. I recommend this facility with the utmost confidence.


I struggled with alcohol for many years and found myself at Apex to get help. The entire staff was beyond helpful and truly cared about each persons well being. I have been sober for 46 days and after a 17 year run I am feeling better than I have for a very long time. Thank you Apex for all the love, support and tools. You do great things for people and should feel proud of what you do!!! If you are a person seeking help please do yourself a favor and contact Apex. Many people in the program during my stay had previously been to other rehab facilities (unlike myself) and every single person said Apex was much better than their prior experience(s). I had the drive to get better and Apex knew what I needed. Thank you once again Apex, I love you guys and what you do!!!!


So far so good. My son is headed there now and nothing but amazing help has been provided to us. We were worried about how much this would cost and they sent me in writing how much out of pocket we would have to pay after insurance and I have to say it is affordable. They even helped us on what to say to our son when bringing this up to him and what not to say. It worked! His idea to go! Praise God! Let the healing begin! I will update as we go through the process but like I said so far so Good! Thank you Amy!

Update: He has been there a couple days now and I am so pleased with the service we have gotten. These people truly care and everything is EXACTLY what you see online at their website. Our intake advisor Amy is still in contact with us letting us know how he is doing so that puts us at ease. I can’t believe it but he wants to stay praise God!


I couldn’t of picked a better place to begin my sobriety, the staff is qualified, responsive to my needs and always available for additional support. The environment is very serene and in the group meetings I learned so much about myself and alcoholism. Even though I have attempted several times to sustain sobriety I now am confident I now am confident that I have the tools to be successful in recovery one day at time. I will be forever grateful to Apex Recovery and their Staff.


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