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Healthnet Insurance Coverage

Founded in California more than 40 years ago, Health Net believes every person deserves a safety net for their health, regardless of age, income, employment status, or current state of health. That’s why they provide health coverage for every stage of life and advance health equity with innovative approaches to care. Today, Health Net’s 2,600 employees and 90,000 network providers serve three million members throughout California.

Rest assured, nearly every Health Net plan covers at least some assistance for treatment and benefits. However, the amount depends on a person’s state and specific policy. If you want to find out how much your policy will cover at Apex Recovery San Diego, visit our insurance verification page, enter your policy details, and you will have your answer in minutes. Once you’ve done this, an Apex Recovery specialist will get in contact with you and help you plan your next steps.

a person with Health Net insurance coverage talks to a counselorHealth Net Addiction Resources

Health Net recognizes that the country is facing a drug epidemic and emphasizes helping its policyholders receive the best care possible. To that end, Health Net focuses on giving patients confidential and covered services and providing them with a substance abuse healthcare professional.

Upon meeting with a doctor and discussing your specific substance abuse issues, the doctor will recommend that detox is a medical necessity for your health and well-being. Health Net addiction services include:

  • Inpatient treatment detox
  • Outpatient detox
  • Inpatient rehabilitation
  • Outpatient alcohol and drug abuse rehabilitation
  • Aftercare services

Individuals with comprehensive coverage will likely have the full cost of treatment covered. More limited policies, however, will have more stringent requirements or locations where a client can detox. That said, even the Health Net short-term medical plans will have at least some coverage for substance abuse treatment.

In most cases, a preferred provider organization (PPO) network policy will provide policyholders with an array of options when it comes to the substance abuse treatment programs they can select. On the other hand, some health maintenance organization (HMO) plans will require that you receive treatment at an in-network provider, or else the burden of the cost will be on you.

Additional Rehab and Insurance Guide

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