Prescription Drug Program

APEX Rehab

Once clients have successfully detoxed from prescription drugs, our prescription drug rehabilitation in San Diego teaches clients to learn coping strategies they can use to help maintain their desired drug-free lifestyle.

Prescription drugs have been the topic of numerous debates in our society in the recent years. Estimates say that around 116 million of Americans suffer from chronic pain and that number is growing, with the rising number of the elderly population and the injured military. The dilemma with prescription drugs is that there are risks involved, such as drug tolerance that requires constantly increasing drug doses, hypersensitivity to pain and addiction.

Detoxifying from prescription drugs is only the beginning of a more demanding challenge. Detox only clears away the physical side of addiction, whereas the associated psychological and social problems remain to be addressed through drug rehabilitation programs.

Treatment can be done with the patient staying onsite – residential rehabilitation, and with the patient coming in for therapy and programs – outpatient treatment. The choice between these two types rests on the individual needs and stories of every patient.

At APEX Rehab, our programs for prescription drug rehab in San Diego treat this type of recovery on the psychological, behavioral and pharmacological plane. Counseling therapy and complementary approaches and programs are intended to help patients develop skills to cope with cravings and stress factors that prompted them into addiction initially. They should also learn how to avoid tempting situations, how to live a balanced life, how to maintain their motivation and how to manage a relapse, if it comes to that.

APEX Rehab provides a multitude of available therapeutic methods like individual and group counseling, counseling for families, cognitive and dialectical behavior therapies, sexual issues therapy, and so on. We are proud that we have the means to design a fully customized recovery plan for each and every of our patients.

These theoretical approaches are backed by auxiliary programs that focus on well-being, holistic healing and self-expression. What this includes are massages, recreation, yoga, meditation, nutritional counseling and artistic therapies, for example.

The counseling component of the treatment works very well when coupled with maintenance drugs for patients who are recovering from opioid addiction, such as prescription drug addicts. These medications must be administered by a qualified healthcare professional, like at APEX Rehab. Maintenance drugs can offer support to the recovering patient by combating cravings. Pharmacological treatment alone is hardly ever sufficient, but it is highly effective as an addition to counseling and other therapies.

Prescription Drug Program