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When you call Apex Recovery the Intake Coordinator will offer to verify your insurance benefits. This process is simple just call with your insurance card and the coordinator will ask for the member identification number and group number. With these numbers, they will verify insurance and determine your deductible and out of pocket cost (if any) associated with treatment. Apex Recovery works with most major PPO plans and is happy to verify any insurance plan to see if your benefits include our services. Don’t hesitate call one of our professional intake coordinators to help verify your insurance benefits today.

Call Us to Learn What Coverage Your Insurance Offers

We don’t accept Medi-Cal at this time but do accept self-pay options.

How To Get Ready

Once the insurance has verified your benefits and you have agreed to begin your stay at Apex, there are a couple of things you should know about getting ready to admit. Pack up to 10 days’ worth of clothing. We have on-site laundry to lessen the amount of clothing brought in. The facility does offer time to work out at the gym, therefore it would be important to pack some workout clothes. Both of our picturesque homes have pools, and we also frequent the beach, so feel free to bring swimwear and leisure clothing.

If you have any medications you are currently taking, please make sure the medications are properly labeled and in the correct bottles for our staff to transition you smoothly into our program. You will be seen by an addiction specialty physician upon admission as well as a psychiatrist if necessary.

Our program also provides clients with the flexibility to meet occupational and educational commitments. We allow electronic devices and cell phones after a short period of detoxification. We work with all of our clientele to make meaningful appointments that might also be presented due to legal or family needs. Our goal here at APEX is to work with each client individually to meet day to day needs and help each participant work through any struggles they are having, even while being in a program.

As you prepare for your stay with APEX recovery, our intake coordinator will send you a comprehensive list of suggested items to bring with you.

  • 5 star review  The detox and recovery homes are both beautiful and comfortable. The chef is a great at his job; the food was outstanding. The therapists care and teach alternative coping mechanisms and ways to reduce anxiety with yoga, meditation, and breathing exercises. You can get a massage once a week along with reiki (an alternative medicine that promotes restorative healing). The gym they take you to almost every day is good and includes hydro massage tables. The staff were very encouraging. Before I was released, they drove me to several sober livings and helped me choose one that would be right for me. It was a great place to start my recovery.

    thumb Wendy T
  • 5 star review  Apex is a warm welcoming environment with knowledgeable staff that has helped me in my recovery process. I feel supported and I am confident that I will continue to receive any further needed help in the future.

    thumb Raymond Beaudry
  • 5 star review  My Thanks and gratitude to APEX for their exemplary program. The environment was most conducive to my goal of sobriety. The beautiful home on Mt. Helix is physically attractive both inside and out it is clean, spacious and offers it own serene vibe. The therapists are nothing less than highly educated professionals. All staff displayed compassion, concern and a willingness to ensure comfort. The food was over the top, I had individual dietary needs and the amazing chef assured all these needs were met- Thanks Chef James! All group sessions were highly relevant to my recovery and included: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy and a newer therapy called Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. My issue was not my drinking, but why I drank. I was highly assisted in discovering personal issues to address in order to remain sober and improve my mental, emotional and physical health. The team met me where I was at in these areas and provided the information and education I needed. Most helpful to me was learning just how much I needed community in my life, which started at APEX. There were six other individuals in the program with me, which allowed for much needed individual attention and therapy. Thank you again APEX for the care and education which was entirely relevant to my ongoing sobriety.

    thumb karen bush
  • 5 star review  The Apex experience has exceeded my expectations and I would highly recommend their program to anyone struggling with addiction. After a 25 year battle with alcohol, I knew that I needed medical help. I honestly had no idea what to expect when I entered their program. The doctors, staff, therapists, chef's and all others involved with my recovery were phenomenal. The accommodations were comfortable and very inviting. The food was delicious too ... a variety of daily fresh meals prepared by two talented chef's! So many people who struggle with addiction believe that they will NEVER become sober. With Apex and their team of experts, they custom tailor a program and options for every individual and will help guide you through the recovery process. I want to thank everyone at Apex, from the bottom of my heart for giving me the strength and tools to begin my journey of sobriety and recovery.

    thumb R. N. Medina
  • 5 star review  Awesome recovery place. First time going to something like this and they made me feel welcome, was in residential for a few weeks and the Chef's food is very good... didn't know what to expect but I didn't expect something this nice, learned a lot about myself and the way I act, their therapists are all caring people who just want to help.. the team at the residential/detox houses are awesome too, caring about you and your health.. hope I don't need to, but I would come back here! Thanks Apex, you guys are doing great work!

    thumb Andrew Renninger


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