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Aftercare Program

A woman in an addiction aftercare programRecovery from drug addiction does not end once you leave an addiction treatment facility. In order to successfully live your life independent of drugs, you need to be armed with the right tools and resources to support your newfound sobriety. Feeling overwhelmed about reentering everyday life after addiction treatment is perfectly normal. An aftercare program eases the transition from treatment back to your daily routine. Having this continued support as you find your new normal, will help you in building a healthier version of yourself after rehab. Aftercare helps keep you on track to maintain your sobriety for life.

To learn more about addiction aftercare programs in San Diego, contact Apex Recovery today at 619.458.3435 and our treatment team is happy to walk you through all of our addiction treatment programs.

What Is Aftercare?

The lack of structure and support when you leave a treatment facility can cause many to relapse quickly. This is why aftercare programs are so important. Aftercare offers support as you or a loved one transition from treatment back to everyday life. Designed to build self-awareness, and perform regular self-assessment, aftercare continues to support you through your recovery journey.

The reality is that addiction is a disease, and managing it requires a plan so that relapse does not rear its ugly head. Treatment professionals will help you craft an aftercare plan that can include:

  • Therapy options post-treatment
  • Accountability
  • How to manage triggers outside of treatment
  • Setting realistic expectations
  • Building a sober support system with professionals, family, and friend
  • Overcoming hurdles that present themselves during your recovery

Aftercare Program for Addiction

Aftercare is a life-long commitment if you want to enjoy a successful recovery. You need to be able to manage triggers, stressors, and other life hurdles effectively so that you do not relapse. Aftercare can take many forms, from short-term and long-term group meetings, to support check-ins when needed. If you want to set yourself up for success, you need to recognize that recovery is for life, and you should arm yourself with all the tools and resources available to you.

Understanding that the risk of relapse is always there is also important. Knowing that a level of support will always be there when you need it can make the prospect of going it on your own after treatment less daunting. Aftercare programs are sometimes an extension of an outpatient program, or they can be a stand-alone group therapy.

At Apex Recovery San Diego, we offer a holistic treatment experience that treats the entire person—mind, body, and soul. Each client works with our treatment professionals to craft an individual treatment plan that incorporates a combination of traditional and experiential therapies. These customized treatment plans are further enhanced by programs like aftercare.

We encourage all clients to take advantage of the campus surroundings and engage in music therapy, acupuncture therapy, and more. The continuum of care at Apex Recovery San Diego can start with inpatient treatment, transition to outpatient treatment, and then move on to sober living, aftercare, and alumni programs. You can have peace of mind knowing that a team of medical, clinical, and therapeutic professionals are on hand to assist in every part of the treatment and recovery process.

Find Out More About Addiction Aftercare in San Diego at Apex Recovery

Aftercare is one of many programs that Apex Recovery San Diego offers to help support you or a loved one on your treatment journey. In addition to an aftercare program, Apex Recovery San Diego offers:

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