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7 Major Benefits of Outpatient Rehab for Alcohol Addiction

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Do you have an alcohol addiction? Around 14 million US adults have an alcohol use disorder. It is important to know you are not alone and there is support out there to help you overcome your addiction. 

Recognizing and accepting that you have an alcohol addiction is often the hardest step. Once you acknowledge the addiction, you can take action to overcome it. One option is to attend outpatient rehab, which gives you the support you need to recover.

There are different types of rehab services, including outpatient alcohol rehab. Outpatient rehab offers services for people who still want to live at home during treatment at a rehab center. Read on to learn the top seven benefits of outpatient rehab. 

1. Different Treatment Options

Outpatient rehab services have different programs to suit your needs. For example, some rehab centers offer partial hospitalization, intensive treatment, or a standard outpatient program.

Plus, the team can tailor the program you pick. Maybe you require more support initially and then gradually reduce session frequency from daily support. Outpatient programs often include various interventions such as:

  • Group therapy
  • Addiction medicine services
  • Counseling
  • Individual psychotherapy

You will learn healthy coping skills, understand your addiction, and receive the support you need for long-term recovery. An outpatient program utilizes research-based interventions but also considers individual needs. You may be recommended a program, transition to outpatient rehab from inpatient, or choose this recovery pathway. 

2. Flexible 

Outpatient rehab gives you more flexibility than an inpatient option. You can choose your level of treatment and adapt care if your needs change.

Many people hesitate to seek help as they may not be aware of outpatient drug rehab and alcohol services. They may not want an inpatient setting, or they may be ready to transition from an inpatient setting but need some support.

Outpatient services let you receive the care you need around your schedule. Pick a treatment option tailored to your specific needs, which may not suit inpatient rehab services.

Recovery is not easy, and there will be difficult periods. However, you will be more motivated to stick with the recovery journey, as it works for you and is not causing additional stress. 

3. Maintain Commitments 

Only a fraction of people with a substance abuse disorder receive the specialized treatment they need. There are many reasons for this, including fear of stigma. Committing to an inpatient program means you have to stop all commitments and often explain where you are going.

Plus, many people cannot stop working. Or you might need to help with childcare or looking after a pet. People have various commitments that are not always possible to put on hold while receiving inpatient treatment.

Outpatient treatment gives you the flexibility to maintain commitments in your life but start your recovery journey. 

4. Practice New Skills

Rehab services equip you with healthy coping skills to manage environmental, physical, and emotional triggers. So, you have other ways to cope, which empower you. However, people can feel nervous when they transition from practicing these skills in an inpatient setting to returning to the environment of their addiction. 

Outpatient alcohol rehab gives you the chance to practice these new skills in an environment that often has triggers for your addiction. But you will have the support structure to feel safe, confident, and capable. Plus, if any obstacles come up, you will have guidance and a plan to help navigate the situation. 

The outpatient rehab will also help you plan. Maybe you want to explore education options or sober living housing. They will help you begin to build a sober life you feel excited about. 

5. Fewer Costs

Inpatient care comes with more costs as you live at the facility. One benefit of outpatient care is that it comes with fewer costs but still offers the treatment you need. So, if you are ready to transition from inpatient treatment, or outpatient rehab is more suited for you, it is a cost-effective choice. 

Plus, you can maintain some commitments while attending outpatient rehab. You can discuss with your care team what responsibilities you can maintain. However, if you work, it means you can still receive some income. 

6. A Healthy Support System 

Community is an essential part of mental and physical wellbeing. But for many people, the community is hard to access in the society they live in. 

Outpatient alcohol rehab services give you a community that supports your recovery. Often, a sense of isolation, loneliness, and fear can fuel addiction. Outpatient rehab services show you are not alone, and there are people who want to help you recover.

The group therapy sessions and your outpatient care team will also support you each step of the way. This can also help with accountability and recovery motivation.

It is essential to develop a healthy support system and practice establishing boundaries with others in your life. Outpatient rehab is there to help you on this journey. 

7. Less Life Disruption 

Outpatient rehab centers help transition you from inpatient to long-term recovery. They can also help establish the skills you need to recover and maintain recovery from addiction.

Outpatient rehab ensures a smoother recovery transition. You do not have to worry about going from a secure inpatient unit to your home without support. And for others, there comes a time when you need professional help to recover from an addiction, which could be in an outpatient setting.  

Recovery from alcohol addiction is possible, but do not delay it. The longer you delay it, the more disruption may occur in your life. Outpatient rehab puts an end to this disruption, so you can come back to your center and take charge of your life. 

Outpatient Rehab Near Me 

There are many benefits of outpatient rehab, but take the time to find a reputable option. You want to receive support that will ensure long-term recovery.

Are you based in San Diego or the surrounding area? APEX recovery center offers several different programs, including outpatient alcohol and drug treatment. We work with individual needs and ensure you have the skills to navigate the recovery process.

It is time to take action and reach out for help. You can contact us any time. 

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