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7 Signs You Should Seek Addiction Treatment for Alcoholism

a person holds their head anxiously behind empty beer glasses

According to the WHO newsroom, misuse of alcohol accounts for over 3 million deaths a year, which comprises 5.3% of the global death toll. How do you know when you or a loved one has crossed the line between casual drinking and alcohol misuse, though?

Alcoholism is a serious condition that thrives on denial, so it’s easy for those suffering from alcohol addiction to overlook the signs that suggest they need help.

Keep reading to discover some clues that suggest you or your loved one should seek treatment for alcoholism before it’s too late.  

1. Drinking More Than Planned

Almost everyone drinks more than they meant to on occasion, especially when celebrating with friends. The trouble starts when this becomes a habit.

People with alcohol addiction usually only intend to have one or two drinks, but the next thing they know, they’ve gone way over this limit. Anything more than 

2. Increased Tolerance for Alcohol

According to the CDC, it’s okay to drink up to two standard drinks per day if you’re a man and one if you’re a woman. Can you handle much more alcohol than that?

Increasing tolerance for alcohol or an inability to stick within those guidelines are signs that you’ve lost control of your drinking. 

3. Risky Behaviors

Alcohol damps down inhibitions, and people with alcohol addiction problems tend to embrace risky behavior while intoxicated.

Consistently driving, swimming, or operating heavy machinery while under the influence is a sign that alcoholism has a hold on your life. 

4. Increased Mental Health Issues

It’s easy to think of alcohol as a mood enhancer when it is a depressant. Excessive alcohol consumption tends to increase symptoms of anxiety and depression, which lead to even more drinking. 

5. Physical and Mental Symptoms of Alcoholism

When someone with an alcohol problem stops drinking, they start to go into alcohol withdrawal symptoms soon afterward. Shaking, sweating, and nausea are all signs that your body is craving another drink.

Alcohol kills brain cells, too, resulting in memory lapses and even complete blackouts at times. 

6. A Constant Urge to Drink

Hankering for an after-work drink, slipping out for a drink at lunchtime, or drinking before going out for the night are all signs of addiction. 

When you spend a lot of your time thinking about and planning your next drinking session, you’ve got problems. 

7. Failed Attempts at Treatment for Alcoholism

Alcoholism is a treatable behavioral disorder, but it takes ongoing work to stay sober. If you or a loved one has tried to stop countless times, only to find yourself staring at the bottom of an empty bottle yet again, you need to seek further treatment.

It’s common for people with alcoholism to have several attempts at recovery before they finally get it right. So, don’t let that deter you from seeking help once again. 

Get Started With Addiction Therapy in Nashville

If you’re experiencing any of the above symptoms of alcohol abuse, don’t let shame and denial hold you back from a better life any longer. You can recover when you receive comprehensive, sensitive, and effective treatment for alcoholism. 

We can assist with addiction treatment in Nashville, TN, both virtually and in person. Please reach out for a confidential consultation, and start your journey toward a better life.

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