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Sober Celebrities Who You Didn’t Know Were Sober

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Let’s face it, giving up alcohol is difficult. So many aspects of American culture and society revolve around alcohol. Whether it’s a sporting event or a family function, alcohol is almost always a factor. 

Even our social media feeds are littered with alcohol ads. 

Choosing to abstain from drinking alcohol is one of the best things you can do for your physical and mental health. But finding inspiration and support is challenging. 

If you’re searching for an aha moment to help you remove alcohol from your life, look no further than Hollywood. These sober celebrities have all stopped drinking, and you can stop too. 

Chrissy Teigen

Queen of the kitchen, wife to John Legend and mother of two, Chrissy Teigen’s life looks Instagram perfect. However, the last few years have not always been kind to Chrissy and her family. The very public loss of a pregnancy in 2020 illustrated the pain she’s endured. 

Chrissy Teigen talked a lot about her drinking, even indicating that she knows alcohol has a negative effect on her life. However, she happily took to social media in July 2022 to announce she had been alcohol-free for one year. She’s stated in multiple interviews that she feels better than ever.


As one of the stars of MTV’s Jackass, Steve-O is no stranger to risky behavior. After all, the success of the Jackass television show and movie series was based on dangerous stunts, many of which involved alcohol and illegal drugs. 

In 2008, with the help of co-star Johnny Knoxville, Steve-O (aka Stephen Glover) entered a rehab facility for treatment. In March of 2022, he announced his 14th year of sobriety. 

Being sober hasn’t affected his daredevil nature or his career. He’s an animal rights activist, an enthusiastic vegan and the fourth Jackass film was released this summer. 

Dax Shepherd 

Dax Shepherd is another MTV alum, former star of NBC’s Parenthood and the writer and star of numerous feature films. However, most people know him best as the man who married Kristen Bell. 

Dax Shepherd has also been very public about his struggles with alcohol and drugs. He admits he’s been an addict since the age of 18. Fortunately, he got sober in 2005. 

In a September 2020 episode of his podcast, he admitted to relapsing just a week prior. He went back to work on his sobriety and is again on the list of sober celebs. 

Kristin Davis

Best known as Charlotte York on HBO’s Sex and the City and the sequel And Just Like That, 57-year-old Kristin Davis has been sober since the age of 22. Like many alcoholics, Davis admits that she used alcohol as one of her coping mechanisms when she was a teenager. 

Ironically, Kristin Davis was sober throughout her role as Charlotte in Sex and the City, the show that popularized the cosmopolitan cocktail. Davis has stated that fans will often send her a cosmopolitan when they spot her at a bar or restaurant, but she never drinks them. 

Drew Barrymore 

Like many child actors, Drew Barrymore dealt with addiction from a very young age. She has publicly shared she had a cocaine addiction by age 12 and was hospitalized for 18 months at age 13. 

In a 2021 interview with musician Machine Gun Kelly (Colson Baker), Barrymore shared that she has been alcohol-free for more than two years. Before that statement, she kept her sobriety private for personal reasons. 

Barrymore gives credit to her friends and family, who rallied behind her when she asked for help. 

Daniel Radcliffe

Even wizards need a little help, as we see in the case of Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe. Radcliffe starred in the first Harry Potter film when he was just 11 years old. He would play the titular character for ten years. 

In interviews, Radcliffe admits he can point out scenes in the films where he is hungover. However, Radcliffe’s drinking largely escaped the eyes of the paparazzo, and he drank heavily for years. In 2010, Radcliffe made his first attempt at sobriety. 

However, Radcliffe experienced a relapse and tackled sobriety again in 2013. He has been sober ever since. 

Bradley Cooper

Oscar™ nominee and heartthrob Bradley Cooper has been very public about his sobriety. His drinking and drug use spiraled out of control when he starred in the hit television series Alias. After many health scares, he entered rehab at age 29 and has been sober for 18 years. 

Cooper was able to channel his experiences with drug and alcohol abuse into his work on the 2018 remake of A Star is Born. He played Jackson Maine, a musician and addict spiraling out of control. He received an Oscar™ nomination for his work and accolades from the addiction medicine community. 

Brad Pitt

Even the brightest of Hollywood stars are not immune to addiction. This year, Brad Pitt opened up about his alcohol abuse which escalated after his 2016 divorce from Angelina Jolie. 

Pitt credits Alcoholics Anonymous as part of his strategy for being sober. Also, Brad Pitt names fellow sober celeb Bradley Cooper as part of his support system. At an awards show in 2020, Pitt publicly thanked Cooper for his help. 

Even though Pitt owns a winery, he states that he’s happiest when he’s alcohol-free.

Jessica Simpson

On November 1, 2021, Jessica Simpson shared an emotional and heart-wrenching Instagram post. She shared a photo of herself from 2017 when she was in the throes of her alcohol use disorder. In her caption, she describes the pain and despair she felt at the time, especially as it related to her children. 

Today, with more than four years of sobriety under her belt, Simpson is very open about her disease. She talks about regaining power and control over her life, improving her relationship with her children and more in her 2020 memoir, Open Book.

Let These Sober Celebrities Inspire Your Recovery

Admitting you have a problem with alcohol is difficult. It can be even more difficult when your life is in the spotlight. Take inspiration from these honest and sober celebrities and make a change in your own life. 

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