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LGBT Therapy Treatment

LGBT Inclusive Those who identify themselves as lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender, as well as those who hide their sexual orientation from family and friends, may find that dealing with family pressures and societal stigmas create stress, anxiety and depression. For many individuals, this can also lead to substance abuse and other addictive behaviors. The team at Apex Recovery in our Tennessee treatment centers understands the unique challenges of the LGBT community. We help our patients come to a place of acceptance about who they are so they can end the cycle of drug addiction or reach out to Apex Recovery for anxiety and depression assistance.

There hasn’t been substantial research that could say how frequent alcoholism and drug abuse is among the LGBT community. However, some preliminary research and professional experience suggest that alcohol use disorder (AUD) is rampant among the LGBT members, and around 40% have been found to drink excessive amounts of alcohol on a weekly basis. Furthermore, recreational drug use appears to be very common and the substances are marijuana, ecstasy, crystal meth, speed and amyl nitrate or poppers.

What is even more alarming is that teenagers and young adults who have identified themselves as LGBT or who are insecure about their sexual identity are much more at risk from developing addictive patterns. Unfortunately, it has also been discovered that once they do fall prey to addiction, they are less likely to seek professional help to rehabilitate.

The connection between an LGBT identity and alcohol or drug abuse lies on several levels. First off, depression in this community is a widespread problem and the link between depression and addiction has been well explored. Alcohol and substances serve these individuals as paths to avoid the family and social stigma, relieve shame and guilt and compensate for the lack of self-acceptance. At the same time, alcohol and drugs are used to enhance sexual experiences. Peer pressure in the community also seems to be high.

The fact that an addict is a member of the LGBT community significantly compounds the problem, because of the associated stigma and accumulated shame and guilt. This is especially true for LGBT individuals who are also dually diagnosed with a mental health disorder.

LGBT individuals, young and adults, tend to avoid reaching out for professional help because they are afraid of being rejected. However, Apex Recovery is a reputed drug rehab center with a staff that is accepting, compassionate and trained to help LGBT community members.

Apex Recovery applies tailored treatment plans. Therefore, we are able to design a comprehensive recovery plan for an LGBT patient which will be geared toward their specific problems and the connection between their sexual identity and the root of their addiction.

Sexual Addiction Therapy

Sexual Addiction
While sex addiction is no longer recognized as a diagnosable addiction disorder, we recognize that sexually impulsive behavior can present with the same maladaptive patterns as substance use disorder.  For the individual struggling with addiction to sex, there is a cycle of behavior that includes urges and cravings to engage in behavior that is ritualistic and can provide relief and elation from life’s difficulties.  Similarly, there is a period of withdrawal that can include depression, suicidality and promises of change.

Due to the stigma and cycle of shame and guilt with sex addiction, this behavior goes untreated until severe consequences occur.  Additionally, many do not understand why an individual may continue to engage in extramarital affairs, spend excessive money seeking sexual engagement or devote disproportionate time using pornography.  With ever increasing accessibility of internet pornography which leads to the eventual impotence of male users, sexual addiction can leave marriages in shambles.

At Apex, we will provide empathetic and judgment free support in helping you gain control over sexual impulses and the accompanying behavior in order to return to normal sexual activity.  We will work with you resolve the loneliness, depression and emotional distance that sexual addiction causes, while assisting you in rebuilding your relationships.

Gambling Addiction Therapy

Gambling Addiction Gambling addiction has grown to a large problem both nationally and locally, especially with the rise in numerous Indian Casinos, online gaming and sports betting.  With gambling, the house always wins, which can quickly lead to financial ruin.  For the gambling addict, the individual often faces financial devastation, however, believes that they can only solve their problems by gambling what they have left.  This cycle, as well as the emotional high associated with taking risks can lead to familial devastation from gambling addiction that is unmeasurable.

Often with gambling addiction, the development of an addiction with drugs and alcohol develops.  When entering treatment for gambling addiction, it is important to have a team that understands the relationship between gambling and emotional symptoms, including anxiety, depression and suicidal tendencies.  Our clinicians focus on these key components as well as working with you and your family to help overcome gambling addiction.

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