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Addiction Treatment in Tennessee

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Tennessee Drug Rehab Center for Addiction Treatment

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Tennessee locals aren’t exempt from the damage that drug and alcohol abuse inflicts. Part of Tennessee’s familiarity with drug abuse has to do with the state’s prevalence of illicit substances.

The over-prescription of opioid drugs is one of Tennessee’s most significant contributing factors to addiction. During 2018, Tennessee medical professionals wrote 81.8 opioid prescriptions for every 100 citizens in the state. Startling prescription statistics like these are a recipe for disaster.

Problems like heroin use pose an even bigger threat when narcotics like fentanyl enter the picture. With heroin use on the rise in Tennessee, officials are becoming increasingly worried about the risks that substances like fentanyl pose. Fentanyl is a synthetic opioid that is far stronger than heroin.

Even the most minuscule dose of fentanyl can result in an overdose and death. Dealers are often cutting substances like heroin with fentanyl to use up less product during a sale. Startling realities surrounding Tennessee substance abuse make preventive initiatives a top priority.

Opioid addiction isn’t the only problem that Tennessee faces with substance abuse. Cocaine and meth are two examples of stimulants inflicting major damage on Tennessee. A 2020 report states that Tennessee saw a 508% increase in stimulant overdose deaths between 2014-2018. Prescription medication like Adderall is an example of a commonly abused stimulant.

Locating a substance abuse rehabilitation center only requires a quick Google search nowadays. While finding a Tennessee rehab center near you might be an option, a person seeking treatment needs to fully examine their options.

The “Relapse Prevention and the Five Rules of Recovery” resource by S.M. Melemis talks about the role that a person’s environment plays during recovery. A Tennessee resident seeking a center for alcohol and drug treatment in the state they abused substances in might encounter familiarity issues that interfere with their addiction recovery.

Recovery isn’t just about alcohol and drug detox. A recovering patient must form new thought patterns and behaviors that support their ongoing abstinence from substance abuse. Tennessee residents who seek treatment locally might struggle because their supply is a short trip away. Familiar negative relationships can make sobriety a more challenging prospect.

Temporarily removing yourself from your local environment can provide conditioning that fosters a successful recovery. Tennessee residents seeking substance abuse treatment can benefit from the fresh perspective and outlook that Apex Recovery provides.

Recovering from substance abuse requires you to go all in on your recovery. Let’s take a deeper dive into how Apex Recovery can support this process for Tennessee individuals suffering from issues like alcohol use disorder.

How Apex Recovery Offers the Best Treatment for Alcohol Use Disorder

All successful alcohol therapy programs begin with a detox period. Successful alcohol detox is a multifaceted experience for the patient. Alcohol’s physically addictive nature requires the body to rid itself of the substance. Patients at Apex Recovery will have access to resources that manage the physical challenges that alcohol detox can present.

Detoxing from alcohol isn’t all physical. Committing to sobriety from alcohol contains a spiritual component that Apex Recovery promotes. The sunshine and mild climate of San Diego offer a sense of ease for patients experiencing alcohol detox.

Apex addiction recovery programs provide a hands-on approach to alcohol detox that helps patients understand the root of their drinking. A team of behavioral specialists and therapists at Apex Recovery will guide patients through counseling to support sobriety and the prioritization of values. Our trained behavioral specialists and therapists are interested in helping you live your best life.

Our experience treating Tennessee residents dealing with alcohol use disorder has taught us that different people have various treatment needs. People have their own individual treatment needs due to the different ways that alcohol use disorder manifests itself. A patient in recovery may be experiencing professional distress due to their alcohol use, difficulties in their personal life, or both.

Alcohol use disorder can result in a person failing to fulfill their professional duties. Even if a person suffering from alcoholism shows up to work, they may be distancing themselves from essential personal relationships.

Substance abuse treatment centers need to offer a welcoming feel. Every patient at Apex Recovery’s alcohol rehab program will have access to a safe and supportive environment. We meet our patients’ needs by developing a personalized program that addresses symptoms of alcoholism and periods of withdrawal.

Tennessee residents seeking drug rehabilitation can expect the same level of quality care that Apex Recovery’s alcohol addiction rehab center provides.

How Apex Recovery Meets the Needs of Individuals Seeking Tennessee Drug Rehab Center for Addiction Treatment

Tennessee Drug Rehab Center for Addiction Treatment

The serious threats that drug addiction presents can make drug addiction recovery a suitable option. Tennessee residents struggling with addiction to substances like cocaine, heroin, or meth can benefit from a temporary relocation. If a person struggling with a drug addiction stays in their familiar environment, the chances of continuing to contact a nearby supplier are much higher.

While access to illegal drugs is a widespread issue, staying in a Tennessee addiction treatment center can present unnecessary psychological challenges during recovery. Eliminating distractions is a strategy that supports positive changes.

Motivation plays a vital role in a person’s desire to seek treatment. Tennessee residents that travel to Apex Recovery San Diego expose themselves to a new environment that can spark the desire for progress. The sun-filled days and the tranquil environment that Apex Recovery provides are the perfect ingredients for a sense of optimism that leads to successful treatment.

Our detox program for drug addiction contains the same level of personalized care that our alcohol rehab offers. Our trained specialists and a top-tier detox center are here to put you on the path to recovery.

When looking for a quality Tennessee drug rehab center, look no further than Apex Recovery.

If you or a loved one could benefit from Apex Recovery’s drug or alcohol rehab, addiction recovery is a short step away.

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Scheduling a consultation with Apex Recovery allows us to show you the unique approach we take with treatment. Consultations are the perfect time for us to address all of your questions.

Common treatment inquiries revolve around:

  • Inpatient residential programs
  • Outpatient programs
  • Insurance
  • Our methods
  • Staff experience
  • Dual diagnosis processes

—and more.

We’re standing by to offer premier Tennessee drug and alcohol residential rehab. Our approach to helping Tennessee locals is the same as our Pennsylvania addiction treatment center and our Ohio addiction treatment center.

Tennessee areas we have experience assisting include:

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  • Memphis
  • Knoxville
  • Chattanooga
  • Clarksville
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