There is a strong correlation proven by research indicating a relationship between the experience of trauma and substance use, turning into the development of an addiction. While not every person that experiences a trauma later develops an addiction, trauma is considered a major underlying issue leading to addiction behavior. The relationship is simple, addictions can help reduce the overwhelming sensations resulting from trauma in the goal to create safety and control through relaxation from fear and relief from unpleasant and uncomfortable memories and emotional experience.

Using a trauma-informed treatment approach, the clinically trained staff at Apex Recovery understand the impact of trauma and the resulting behaviors. With empathy and responses that are free from judgement, the Apex staff understands the ramifications of trauma and substance abuse and can help you implement the necessary tools to increase your wellbeing and deliver truly effective holistic care. We will help you rebuild a sense of control and develop personal empowerment in a setting that promotes and emphasizes psychological, physical and emotional safety.

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