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Apex Recovery Amenities

Upscale Luxurious & Comfortable Environment

Aside from our comprehensive and individualized addiction treatment, APEX Rehab offers a wide variety of amenities to our clients. From our gorgeous facilities to luxurious spa treatments, APEX Rehab offers a break from the chaos of everyday life. Relaxation and tranquility should be part of any recovery program. Clients of APEX Rehab can feel free to take a leisurely swim in the pool or a comforting soak in the spa, unwind with yoga lessons or enjoy a massage in the garden. We also offer facials and spa treatments with a licensed esthetician, to help rejuvenate and wipe away the destruction and impurities in the skin caused by drug and alcohol use. APEX Rehab also provides each client with a gym membership during their stay, to ensure a healthy body as well as mind.

Our beautiful facility in Mt. Helix offers lush gardens and courtyards, in addition to a pool and spa. Being a twelve bed facility, our clients experience privacy and serenity during their recovery – something that large, non-luxury facilities often lack. From our scenic surroundings to mid-century modern facility, APEX Rehab offers an experience that is a cut above the rest, and at a price that is affordable for anyone seeking help.

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