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Drug Abuse Facts: Top 3 States With the Highest Rates of Drug Abuse

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The pandemic has taken its toll on everyone. For some, that has meant turning to illegal drugs. According to the CDC, 13% of Americans started or increased their use of addictive substances as the pandemic gripped the world.

The latest national drug and alcohol abuse statistics certainly make sobering reading. But the situation is not the same the country over. There are certain states where rates of drug abuse are higher.

Let’s dig into drug and alcohol abuse facts for the top 3 states with the highest rate of drug abuse.

Drug Abuse Facts: Which States Top the Rankings?

2021 study by WalletHub ranked the 50 States and the District of Columbia by three categories:

  • Drug Use and Addiction
  • Law Enforcement
  • Drug Health Issues and Rehab

Based on these criteria, each state was given a score out of 100. They combed through a whole range of drug abuse and addiction statistics. Parameters included most overdose deaths, highest teen drug abuse rates, and most drug arrests.

The District of Columbia actually topped the rankings. But where states are concerned, the top three were West Virginia, Missouri, and Colorado.

1. Addiction in West Virginia

Since 2017, drug abuse and trafficking have been “a critical threat to West Virginia“. That’s according to the DEA. The latest statistics show a rate of overdose deaths of 90 per 100,000.

That is up from 52.8 deaths per 100,000 in 2019.

The reason for this increase is the availability of fentanyl on the illicit market. Originally developed for pain management in people with cancer, it is a synthetic opioid. As such, it’s cheaper to produce than heroin.

Originally, it was offered as a prescription medication. Prescription drug abuse facts show that in the past there were 137.6 opioid prescriptions for every 100 people! Sadly, many people became dependent on it and have looked to the illegal market for supplies.

It is significantly more dangerous than other opioids. It is around 100 times stronger than morphine. It may give users a stronger high, but it’s claiming the lives of many.

2. Drug Facts in Missouri

Missouri is a rural state that has long battled drug addiction. Reports state that this was initially fueled by the overprescribing of pain medication. This led to dependency addiction across all sectors of society.

Missouri is also reeling from the wave of fentanyl addictions and deaths. The most recent available statistics show that drug-related deaths spiked and held fairly steady in recent years. 

Opioids are not the only drugs ravaging Missouri. There is also an increasing problem with meth addiction. Rural parts of the state have been particularly hard hit. 

Meth can be manufactured locally but is increasingly flooding in from overseas. Addiction is affecting all sectors of society. 

Stigma in rural communities may make it hard for people to seek rehab and support. One way that the State of Missouri is now tackling the problem is through a statewide prescription monitoring program.

One theme that recurs in any discussion of Missouri’s drug crisis – addiction does not always look a certain way. It cuts across all sections of society. Anyone struggling with addiction should seek help as soon as possible.

3. Drug Addiction in Colorado

Drug overdoses claimed the lives of 1,477 Coloradans in 2020, and figures for 2021 are expected to be higher.

It’s a familiar story repeating itself in Colorado as in the other states – fentanyl is again claiming the most lives. It’s super powerful, highly addictive, and people taking it often don’t realize the danger they are in. There have been many reports of users believing they are taking another med, only to fall victim to pills laced with fentanyl.

Colorado is aiming to tackle rising problems with drug addiction across all sectors of society. Central to this is an anti-stigma campaign. By reaching out to all communities and ages, the ‘Lift the Lid‘ campaign hopes to empower more people to seek treatment.

The Benefit of Out of State Drug Rehab

It’s a huge step to admit that you need treatment for your drug or alcohol problem. The next important choice is to find the right rehab center for you.

If you’re from West Virginia, Missouri, or Colorado, you know only too well the truth of the stats we’ve examined. Getting out of state for a while to treat your drug and alcohol abuse issues could be advantageous.

Getting away from home gives you a chance for a fresh start. You’ll be away from familiar stressors and triggers that have fuelled your addiction.

It’s a chance also to take some time away from your regular commitments and focus on your recovery. At home, there are often reminders of responsibilities that make it hard to concentrate on ourselves. Getting away can give you space, and a chance to reset.

By flying cross country and entering rehab, you’re committing to going the whole nine yards. You won’t be tempted to skip sessions or quit the program early. You’ve made the journey, now you’re committing to seeing it through to the end.

Are you struggling with the stigma of addiction? Being away from home can also protect your privacy. You won’t bump into people you know –  it gives you the anonymity you just can’t get at home. 

Overcome Drug Addiction with Apex Recovery

The drug abuse facts for the US are shocking, but they’re more than numbers. Every statistic represents individuals who are struggling with the biggest fight of their lives. Families who want to see their loved ones back to their old selves and living their best lives.

That’s why Apex Recovery is here. We don’t provide a one-size-fits-all addiction treatment program. We tailor our program to meet your individual needs. 

We have three outstanding rehab facilities. They can become a home away from home for you as you embark on your journey to sobriety.

Reach out to us today, or call us at (877) 798-3519.

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