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Family Resources for Addiction and Rehab

A couple utilizes family resources for addictionFor many, returning home after treatment can provoke anxiety. Apex Recovery Tennessee aims to alleviate most of that anxiety by helping our clients connect with resources in the communities where they live and work. A case manager will work with each of the individuals in our care to help them get connected to resources and to assist them in maintaining their new healthy life free of drugs and alcohol. These resources can include, but are not limited to:

  • Access to an individual therapist
  • Access to support groups
  • Referrals to medical professionals

Unlike most rehab centers, our clients have access to a case manager who will continue providing resources and referrals for up to a year after discharge.

The team at Apex Recovery is aware of how necessary these resources are to not only our clients but to their families as well. A case manager will be happy to provide resources to family members so that they can heal from the difficulty of having a loved one battling drugs and alcohol. These resources may include connecting family members with Co-Dependents Anonymous, Al-Anon, and other support groups.


All of the intake staff at Apex Recovery have extensive training and clinical experience assisting family members who wish to start conversations with loved ones about treatment. We are happy to have a sit-down meeting with potential clients considering treatment. For individuals not in the Tennessee area, we are happy to connect you with an intervention specialist in your area.

Family Inclusion

Seeking treatment can be extremely daunting for individuals dealing with substance abuse. They often seek treatment after they have had to “hit rock bottom.” The ability to seek out support from family can be difficult for someone who has watched their life deteriorate around them, maybe losing jobs and losing touch with family and friends, ultimately isolating themselves. Substance abuse affects the entire family, not just the individual experiencing addiction. Substance use treatment can be an opportunity to repair such relationships and develop an understanding of the addiction itself.

Family inclusion becomes a priority when an individual enters treatment with Apex Recovery. Research has shown that actively involving family members in treatment benefits the individual and allows a family to positively impact sobriety. Additionally, individuals are more likely to maintain abstinence when family is included. Individuals at Apex Recovery learn about the theories of marriage and family therapy as they work on repairing and rebuilding their familial relationships through learning relationship skills, conflict resolution, and problem-solving techniques.

While at Apex Recovery, clients will have the opportunity to have family members participate in relationship therapy, with the goal of creating a family system that promotes health and well-being for all individuals. We firmly believe that removing a person from their family has no long-term benefit, and as a result, our client’s loved ones are included every step of the way, from admission through discharge. Families can visit, consult with our therapeutic staff, and participate in family activities facilitated by our clinicians. Additionally, family, friends, and loved ones will be provided with the support they need to develop and maintain healthy boundaries, implement a self-care plan, and actively participate in recovery planning.

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