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National Treatment Track

a bridge near a national treatment center Apex Recovery is located in the scenic Mt Helix neighborhood of La Mesa, just within San Diego County. San Diego is known as “America’s Finest City” for three reasons: our weather, food, and lovely beaches. Naturally, Apex Recovery’s beautiful location and year-round sunny skies are an attraction for many out-of-staters, especially those who wish to escape the doldrums of winter weather.

Most Insurance Plans Accepted

a cozy bedroom with two beds, plants, and nice lighting

If you are out of state, we offer a specialized national rehab treatment track meant to accommodate those who have to travel great distances to be with us at our rehab center. We recognize that it can be trying to be in a new place far away from your family and the comforts of home. Our goal is to ease this transition and make it as smooth and painless as possible.

The national treatment track will look as follows:

    • Help with arrival – Coming to a new place with luggage in tow can be a confusing and overwhelming experience. We wish to accommodate and aid you with any of your transportation needs, regardless of whether you are arriving at an airport, train station, or bus station. When you arrive in San Diego, we will meet you and help get both you and your bags to our facility.
    • Residential Treatment – Your stay with us will last anywhere from 30 to 90 days. To start, you will undergo a medically supervised detox in order to wean you off your physical dependence to your particular substance. Once you are clean, our focus of treatment plans shifts to education, rehabilitation, therapy, and self-care. In order to combat both loneliness and address possible underlying home issues, we offer telephonic family sessions which allow you to stay in touch and keep your family updated on your progress.
    • Specialized Case Manager – We set you up with a specialized case manager so that your transition home into aftercare goes smoothly, and that your recovery is uninterrupted. Your case manager will remain involved with your individualized treatment for at least a year and will check in with a continuum of care and consult you at day 30, 60, 90, 180, and 360. If needed, they can provide additional references or referrals.
    • Transition Home – Aftercare is of critical importance to a successful recovery. Therefore, we create a tailor-made aftercare treatment program wherever your home is. Apex helps you find:
      • An outpatient treatment facility in your city
      • An outpatient therapist or family therapist in your city
      • A self-help recovery group that you can get plugged into
      • A psychiatrist, if you have comorbidity or are in need of additional pharmacological treatment

The fact that you are out-of-state should not deter you from staying at our rehab center. Our goal is to make San Diego feel like your home for the duration of your treatment. We know that you are already dealing with enough stress and worry as is without having to add the anxiety caused by moving to a new place. To that end, over the past decade, we have perfected our national treatment track in order to ease this transition from your home to Apex… and then back again. We’re here to care for you from the beginning of the journey to the end of it.

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