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Ohio Drug Rehab Center for Addiction Treatment

Your Best Solution in Searching for an Ohio Drug Rehab Center for Addiction Treatment

a person talks to a therapist in an ohio drug rehab center for addiction treatment

Ohio has become engulfed with illicit drug use, and in the last five years the number of fatalities from overdoses have climbed at an alarming rate. In 2015, 45 percent of all fatal drug overdoses in the state of Ohio came from heroin use. In addition, alcohol abuse amongst young adults and adolescents has peaked above the national average, making prevention initiatives a top priority for Ohio-based corporations, educational institutes and state officials a top priority.

One only needs to perform online research or contact their local healthcare provider to find an addiction rehab center in their state. However, success rates tend to be higher when people seeking treatment from an Ohio drug rehab center for addiction choose a tranquil San Diego recovery facility rather than the familiar confines of their home state.

According to ‘Relapse Prevention and the Five Rules of Recovery’ by S.M. Melemis, familiarity revolving around people, places and things can interrupt the recovery process. Remember, addiction recovery isn’t just limited to the detoxification time when the substances leave the patient’s body; part of the addiction recovery process is to develop new patterns and thought processes that will help quell the individual’s urge to return to making bad decisions. By removing one’s self from their familiar environment (even local flora and fauna and the familiarity of weather patterns have an impact), the people one routinely sees, and severing the conscious awareness that one is “home”, can mentally and physically condition them to be at a place where recovery is met with higher success rates. Rather than checking your loved one into a Ohio drug rehab center for addiction treatment, consider sending them to a facility that is unfamiliar, but that has the energy of a “vacation” with a fresh perspective and outlook, under the care of skilled and highly trained addiction recovery experts.

Why Finding the Best Alcohol Rehab Ohio Offers Ends at APEX Recovery

A successful alcohol rehab program begins with detox and the journey the patient takes through this critical first stage. The process isn’t simply a biological one that involves the body ridding itself of the substance, it is also a spiritual and cerebral experience. Located in the beautiful city of San Diego with some of the most pristine beaches and year-round sunny weather, APEX Rehab’s alcohol therapy program begins with a responsive approach to centering the patient as they begin a safe, hands-on detox that allows the individual to discover the root of their drinking. Then a team of behavioral specialists and therapists will work with the patient to help them improve their chances of maintaining sobriety, recognize their higher purpose, and get well on the way to living their best possible life. With the unique combination of the geographic location, spa-like atmosphere, world class caregivers, and top medical experts, nothing in Ohio can compare to the environment and approach offered at APEX Recovery.

Having helped numerous patients from Ohio, APEX Recovery understands first hand that people have different needs when it comes to seeking treatment for alcohol use disorder, also known as AUD–a condition in which the patient is diagnosed with a pattern of alcohol use that causes distress and creates problematic conditions at work or in one’s family or personal life. AUD can range in severity and comes with a variety of symptoms. Some symptoms include distancing oneself from family and friends, a lack of interest in hobbies, failing to fulfil duties at work, developing a tolerance to alcohol so that you need more to get the desired effect, and having a craving for alcohol that monopolizes one’s thoughts for prolonged periods of time. The care APEX Recovery offers partially falls onto the symptoms the patient is showing, as well as other ranges and scales that align with the effects of withdrawal on the body and mind–factors that allow caregivers to design the best possible detox program in a supportive, safe environment.

How APEX Recovery Fulfills the Needs of those Seeking an Ohio Drug Rehab Center

While many of the benefits in leaving Ohio to seek treatment in sunny San Diego for alcohol abuse extend into reasons for drug addiction recovery in Southern California, there is an additional value for those addicted to prescription medications, heroin, cocaine and meth to leave the familiarity of their home state and their social network. Unlike alcohol, these drugs are illegal, and the supplier is always a car drive away.

Studies prove that people recovering from drug abuse face significant psychological obstacles in trying to reshape their lives to follow a clean path when their supply source is within close proximity. Even if they are in a guarded facility where it is virtually impossible to sneak in contraband, simply knowing their drug supplier is near can create unnecessary distractions and pain in their recovery process. When people searching for an Ohio drug rehab center instead travel to Apex Recovery in sunny San Diego, they get the help they need in a tranquil spa-like environment far from the toxic connections left at home. Furthermore, new and exciting surroundings play a role in motivating people to recover from their drug abuse with optimism and a new-found energy to strive and be successful in life.

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Before you or a loved one think about checking into a local Ohio drug rehab center, you owe it to yourself and to your family to call Apex Recovery and discover the unique approach we take to addiction recovery. You likely have questions that revolve around insurance, our method, success rates, our staff, the facility, treatments, and amenities. Ultimately, you are looking for a good fit that will accommodate all your needs. Our highly trained staff is standing by, so give us a call and discover how we partner with people throughout Ohio and help to rebuild their lives so they can achieve all of their goals while thriving in a meaningful, happy state of being.

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