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As with all of our inpatient programs, our dual-diagnosis social anxiety program is an integrative plan that addresses the underlying causes of mental health illness. We provide 24-hour care while we treat a patient’s hormones to deal with anxiety symptoms. In combination with addiction detoxification, we monitor each patient on an ongoing basis to introduce the right therapies and minimize withdrawal symptoms or panic attacks.

While most of us experience social anxiety once or several times in our lives, social anxiety disorder or social phobia is a condition that hugely influences the sufferer’s daily life. These individuals feel overwhelmed about particular activities, such as talking in front of a crowd or with strangers or just about any situation that involves social interaction, such as eating in a restaurant. Even though they typically know their fears and negative thoughts are irrational, their logic gets overridden by the anticipated and dreaded feeling of embarrassment.

This disorder shows the first signs in early teens and some studies say that up to 13 percent of the American population suffers from social anxiety symptoms. Science assumes that multiple predisposing factors are at play – genetics, the family environment, trauma in early childhood or an imbalance in brain chemistry.

Some research has found that one-fifth of individuals with social phobia have a co-occurring alcohol use disorder (AUD). It is assumed that this is mostly because the sufferers expect alcohol to help them relieve the effects of their phobia, even though scientific studies show that alcohol actually aggravates the symptoms of anxiety.

An inpatient program for those dually diagnosed with social phobia is advised because these individuals don’t often have a good support network. Their phobia might come from a dysfunctional family environment, which could also be the source of an early trauma, and they don’t tend to have many or any friends.

When addicts with social phobia are seeking professional help from drug rehab centers in San Diego, they should make sure the center has the right professionals and facilities to accommodate the rehabilitation. APEX Rehab has a world-class team of professionals in medicine, psychology, psychiatry, wellness, nutrition, holistic healing and recreation. Every social anxiety recovery plan is personalized and carefully planned with contributions from the whole team.

Our physician decides on the pharmacotherapy. Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) have been found to be very helpful with the social anxiety disorder. Our team of psychotherapists will decide on the best course in counseling –forms of cognitive-behavioral therapy have given the best results. Though Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) patients can learn how to think, behave and react in anxiety-provoking situations so that they can control their negative thoughts based on fear to reduce the stress and anxiety. This can be done through restructuring, exposure, and skills training. Our professionals from other fields support the patients by offering ways of learning how to relax.

It is crucial that the therapy for dually diagnosed patients addresses both disorders – social phobia and alcohol/ drug abuse. Treating only one side of the coin is highly unlikely to produce long-lasting and rewarding results. APEX Rehab prides itself on a staff trained to treat dual diagnosis patients with excellent results.


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