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Treatment Therapy

APEX Rehab

Apex Rehab utilizes several models of treatment, all of which are peer reviewed, evidence-based practices. We strive to bring the latest and most innovative treatments to each participant that comes into our center. A collection of cognitive therapies are used, as well as Motivational Interviewing, behavioral strategies, and alternative and holistic practices. We use therapies that have been time-tested, researched, and validated. We also utilize new, cutting-edge techniques that are on the forefront of research, and always utilize therapies that are indicated for each individual. We never take a “cookie cutter” approach to our treatment therapies. Our goal is to allow each individual to collaborate, identify, and accept treatment that works for them. Our service menu is limitless, and we go above and beyond to provide the best therapy and treatment for you or your loved one.

Treatment Therapies

  • Life Skills Training Therapy

APEX Rehab is proud of our residential programs. APEX Residential programs are made up by our residential, upscale center in Columbia, TN. Our programs are integrative, holistic, and evidence based. We offer boutique services and accommodations to help comfort, heal, and restore our participants’ mind, body, and spirit. Our residential programs are founded on the mission that anyone who suffers from addiction can be helped. We believe that no one is “too far gone” or difficult to help. APEX works hard to utilize our residential program to detox, help instill a foundation in early recovery, and help individuals choose a path of treatment that works for them individually. Our residential programs are staffed with industry leaders in medical, clinical, and holistic practice. All of our 24 hour care staff is certified and trained to provide the type of help and care required to give each participant an exceptional, safe, and effective stay.

Our Residential program is a minimum stay of 30 days, while extended stay and step-down care is also provided. Our goal is to be a leader in the Residential Treatment community, while never losing our personal touch, and value for each individual and family member that we have the privilege to serve.

Treatment Therapies

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