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ASAM Criteria

ASAM Criteria | Outcome-based care in the Treatment

American Society of Addiction Medicine identified the ASAM criteria to define outcome-based care in the treatment of addiction.  Apex Recovery has adopted these guidelines to create comprehensive and individualized treatment plans.  The assessment criteria addresses the unique needs of each individual, while incorporating their strengths, abilities, resources and support structure.  Using the ASAM criteria and assessment guidelines allows Apex to work directly with insurance companies to determine the most appropriate level of care for individuals in treatment.

At Apex Recovery, you can expect your clinical team to incorporate the ASAM criteria in developing your holistic services and treatment planning.  We will explore your past and current experience of substance use and withdrawal potential to help maintain overall comfort.  Your health history and physical conditions will be assessed and treated by our medical team to maintain your physical health.  Our therapeutic staff will explore each individual’s relationship with mental health issues, while addressing emotional health through a cognitive-behavioral approach.  Each individual’s readiness and motivation to change will be assessed and reviewed, while exploring your relationship with relapse or potential for continued use.  Lastly, we recognize that discharge planning begins with admission, and will explore your living situation and the surrounding people, places and things.  This multi-dimensional assessment will occur at each level of care offered at Apex Recovery and on an ongoing basis to ensure that your needs are met at all times.

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