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Family Inclusions

Seeking treatment can be extremely daunting for individuals dealing with substance abuse.  Many times, they are seeking treatment after they have had to “hit rock bottom”.  The ability to seek out support from family can be difficult to someone who has watched their life deteriorate around them, maybe losing jobs, or terminating family and friend relationships, ultimately isolating themselves.  Often times, we find that substance abuse tends to affect the entire family, not just the individual participating in the substance abuse.  Therefore, family therapy in substance abuse treatment can lead to an opportunity to repair and mend such relationships as well as developing an understanding of the addiction itself.

When an individual enters into a treatment center with Apex Recovery, family inclusion becomes a priority.  Research has shown that actively involving family members in treatment not only benefits the individual but allows a family to make a positive impact on sobriety, and that when family is included, individuals are more likely to maintain abstinence.  Founded on the theories of Marriage and Family Therapy, individuals at Apex are assisted in repairing and rebuilding their familial relationships through learning relationship skills, conflict resolution and problem-solving techniques.

While at Apex, clients will have the opportunity to have family members participate in relationship and rehab family therapy, with the goal of creating a family system that promotes health and well-being for all individuals.  We firmly believe that removing a person from their family has no long-term benefit, and as a result, our client’s loved ones are included from admission through discharge planning.  Families will be provided the opportunity to visit, consult with our therapeutic staff and participate in family activities facilitated by our clinical staff.  Additionally, family, friends and loved ones will be provided with support to develop healthy boundaries. This includes developing a self-care plan and actively participating in recovery planning, as well as providing additional resources for families of addicts. 

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