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Radical Aliveness

Radical Recovery Program

During Radical Recovery sessions, the clients will find a collective intelligence that requires each member’s total presence, participation and connection. Clients will learn to be fully alive and unafraid to know anything about themselves. They can experience the powerful feelings of others in group without the need to mold or tame them. Clients learn to hold space where conflict and challenge are welcome because they serve as doorways to fresh insights, ingenious solutions and new possibilities on how to stay clean and sober. Radical Recovery moves our focus beyond individual power, and toward our larger self.

“The process of songwriting is a deep connection to that which created me. It transcends time and space and provides an opportunity to heal trauma and darkness, all the while providing an openness to live in the light.”

“Surrender does not mean to give up. It just means that I am willing to join the winning side.”

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