Heroin Therapy Program

APEX Rehab

The APEX Rehab team takes great pride in all of our programs, especially our heroin addiction treatment in San Diego. With the help of our medicine physician, Dr. Geno Salerno, clients are able to use Suboxone to help detox and stay focused on their recovery. Meanwhile, the clinical staff works to help change the individual’s behaviors and gives them tools to better deal with recurring cravings and urges to use.

It is important to note that heroin rehab is not the same as heroin detox. Detoxification is only the first, albeit an indispensable step in heroin addiction recovery. To truly break away from the addiction cycle, the patient must deal the psychological aspects of their addiction. Many do not understand this fully and they believe that experiencing the horror of withdrawal will be enough to ensure they don’t relapse. These individuals almost invariably discover, very quickly, that something more is needed to stay sober – learning how to deal with life challenges and problems through acquiring new skills and insights.

Heroin addiction treatment in San Diego can be done residentially or through outpatient programs. The choice depends on the specifies of individual cases. Residential recovery programs are a better fit for individuals who:

  •         have gotten very isolated from their family and friends
  •         have problems at work/ school
  •         have experienced substantial financial losses as part of their addiction
  •         have problems in their relationships
  •         have stolen money or items to be able to come by heroin

Heroin is highly addictive and because of such nature, it is generally considered that residential programs are more beneficial for these patients. The reasons are varied – they have a round-the-clock support and supervision by professionals; they can connect with other patients who are going through the same process; they have access to other, non-counseling programs, that strengthen the effects of therapy, such as wellness regimens, proper nutrition, holistic healing and experiential therapies.

Outpatient programs require a considerable time commitment on the part of the addict. However, in cases when the addiction isn’t fully developed or hasn’t taken excessive toll on the patient’s relationships and career, and when they are undergoing rehab for the first time, outpatient clinic setting could work.

Every recovery process is as different as the patient recovering from addiction. APEX Rehab takes a multi-directional approach in treating heroin addiction, because only specialized and customized care gives the most effective and long-lasting results.

The goals of APEX Rehab heroin addiction treatment in San Diego is to help patients stop using heroin, improve their well-being physically, mentally and emotionally, and improve their relationships and social functioning. 

Even though the patient is in the focus of the therapeutic process, their family and loved ones can and should be involved in the recovery programs. This enhances mutual understanding and support, which increases the likelihood of success.

Heroin Therapy Program