COVID-19 Corona Virus Safety Information:

There is no higher priority at APEX Recovery than the health and safety of our residents, and employees. We are keeping a close watch on the developing global and local health situation surrounding Corona Virus (COVID-19) and are taking precautionary measures to minimize risk.

During this outbreak of Corona Virus Disease 2019 (COVID-19), we remain committed to safeguarding the well-being of all APEX Recovery residents and employees. Please be aware that we are taking the following safety precautions in response to recent concerns and events:

  • Strengthening sanitation measures throughout our facilities with frequent sanitizing of workstations, computers, phones, all common areas and surfaces.
  • We will be pre-screening all possible intakes to limit exposure.
  • Advising staff to prioritize their health and refrain from entering our facility if they have exhibited fever symptoms.
  • Empowering our residents and staff to stay informed regarding best practices in preventing the virus’s spread, including frequent hand-washing, frequent reminders to avoid touching your face, and more. See the CDC’s full list of Prevention Measures.
  • For staff, putting official protocol in place for overall sanitation and prevention measures (as mentioned above), as well as instructions for reporting of symptoms and travel.

Please be advised that in order to continue to provide a safe and therapeutic atmosphere for all who walk through our doors, visitation has been impacted in light of new developments regarding Corona Virus Disease 2019 (COVID-19).

If you are in need of Virtual or Teletherapy please contact our affiliate partner, Matthew Bruhin & Associates, at the bottom of this page.

For more information and national updates on Corona Virus Disease 2019 (COVID-19), visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) website. For your convenience, please find some CDC quick-reference links below:

Please find information specific to Californians from the California Department of Public Health below:

May 2020 California COVID Statistics.

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Apex follows best practices in developing individual treatment plans for all of our patients. Treatment plans are as unique as the individuals themselves, and our therapists have decades of experience in designing programs that cater to each patient’s specific needs. Our individual treatment plans are used for initial and end-of-treatment assessments and clearly outline the goals, anticipated time-frame, and risks to effective treatment and recovery.

Millions of individuals across the nation enter rehabilitation every year. Even though all addictions have similar characteristics and behaviors, there are differences in how they affect the user. Those who abuse alcohol have different health issues from those who abuse cocaine or meth, for example.  No two users are the same. Even though they can have some similar reasons or factors that brought them to addiction, the combination of those reasons, factors and their living conditions is unique. Some people suffer from comorbid mental illnesses, some have a family history of addiction, while others slowly slipped into addiction after prolonged use of alcohol or a drug. There are many more emotional, mental and social factors at play, but there’s generally a mix of mutually interactive factors involved.

In any case, acknowledging that every client is specific is a precondition for maximizing the success of the rehabilitation process. APEX Rehab assigns every client a treatment coordinator and the individual treatment plans are designed through the collaboration of our clinical interdisciplinary team. The plans are intended to systematize the process, direct it and bring into clear focus what is important.

Our treatments make use of supervised medication therapy, counseling, psychotherapy, nutrition programs, recreation plans and outings, holistic healing, alternative treatments such as acupressure and alternative therapies like art and music. Each of these approaches brings its own benefits to the recovery process and the positive effects of one approach to improve the results of others.

Telephonic & Virtual Therapy Resources:

Affiliate Partner – Apex is proud to partner with Matthew Bruhin & Associates for telephonic and virtual therapy needs for our clients that are not able to come in person for treatment.  Matthew Bruhin & Associates wants to remove all barriers that stand in between you and your goals. If you think virtual counseling therapy might be right for you, call us at (619) 493-0510 and make an initial appointment. We will see you online soon!

Matthew Bruhin & Associates specializes in online therapy
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