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Finding a Sober Community While Stuck at Home

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Maintaining sobriety requires managing your emotions and anxiety along with keeping sober social connections. While this can be a life-long challenge for those who struggle with addiction, the coronavirus pandemic isn’t making things easier. Public events have been scaled back or closed, and people have been urged to avoid public spaces and stay at home. Anxiety, depression, and isolation can be difficult for anyone, but especially so when trying to staying sober. Below are some tips on how to maintain sobriety once you have completed treatment and are taking participating in a sober living community.

Find a Virtual Support Group

There is no shortage of virtual support groups on the web. Online communities focus on connecting people with substance use disorders. Whether you are dealing with alcohol, illicit or prescription drugs, eating, or other addiction-related disorders, you can find an online community to be a part of. Here is a list of virtual support groups that have built a strong following, where you’re likely to find others in a similar situation as you.

Schedule a Teletherapy Session

If your therapist or counselor is willing to meet with you by phone or video chat, coordinate an appointment in that way. Teletherapy allows you to keep your appointments for addressing your concerns and issues and receiving guidance on coping skills for addiction. There are numerous teletherapy websites, but you can trust the board-certified therapists at Apex Recovery to work with you.

Stay Connected

We’ve been advised to stay at home and avoid contact with other people, but that doesn’t mean you can’t stay connected. Talking over the phone or having a video chat can alleviate those lonely feelings. If you are feeling vulnerable, share your experience; it can help reduce the pressure. An interactive conversation is more effective than texting or social media posts, so make sure you communicate directly with family members, friends, and sober acquaintances.

Join Social Media Communities

Social media can provide the opportunity to explore your interests and interact with others who share them. Whether it’s a recovery group that can help reinforce safe coping skills or one that focuses on a particular interest or hobby, it serves a key purpose—to stay connected. Just be careful not to indulge in too much social media news; it can easily trigger anxiety and negative feelings.

Find Exercise Groups

Asian lady training Yoga by follow coach in television in living room You can find online groups for cardio workouts, cycling, and meditation. Online yoga classes are extremely popular, so there are numerous opportunities to stay in shape and practice mindfulness. Receiving instruction can provide some connection and you may be able to connect with others participating in the activity.

Stick with Your Treatment Program

At Apex Recovery, we are working to stay connected with our rehab family in Tennessee. Receiving individualized addiction treatment improves your chances of a successful recovery. Our board-certified therapists, drug counselors, psychiatrists, and even yoga professionals can work with you remotely. For more information, contact our Joint Commission Accredited drug and alcohol addiction treatment center in Tennessee at 877-798-4404, today.

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