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5 Reasons Why Getting Sober During a Pandemic Is a Great Time to Start

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Addiction is one of the most common mental health disorders in the world, and it’s of particular concern in the US. Unfortunately, as much as 10% of the US suffers from addiction, but only a small handful will ever seek treatment for their conditions.

While Covid-19 gets all of the attention these days, this silent epidemic still lingers. Fortunately, now is the perfect time to break the cycle and find treatment. Let’s talk about why the pandemic is a great time to get sober and how to choose the best Tennessee rehab centers today!

1. Your Health

Whether you are vaccinated, boosted, or if you’ve already had the virus, there’s only one thing that is certain about Covid-19, and that is its unpredictability. The recent Omicron variant has shown how defenseless we are to mutations, and the next could be far worse.

Well, substance abuse is bad for your physical, mental, and spiritual health. Your immune system needs to be in top shape to protect yourself from the worst potential scenarios, and adding toxins to your body every day is not helpful.

Of course, we understand how difficult it is to get sober, which is why it’s so important that you start sooner rather than later. If you care about your health, then now is the perfect time to start your journey toward recovery, developing healthier habits, and protecting yourself from the worst-case scenarios.

2. A Return to Normal

Whatever “normal” means anymore, a return to it will be most welcomed among the majority of us.

When the pandemic finally ends, whenever that will be, imagine going into it as a new you. Doesn’t the idea of returning to normal while clean and sober sound appealing to you? Well, it’s certainly feasible if you look for drug rehab today.

3. Substance Abuse Is More Dangerous in Isolation

The pandemic has caused a crisis of isolation and loneliness for many of us, which does not mix well with SUD. Not only does it create the dangerous risk of self-medicating, but it can intensify your desire to “raise the bar”.

Not only that, but you also run the risk of overdosing alone while isolated, which poses a greater risk of serious health complications and death. For the first time ever, annual overdose deaths topped 100,000 in 2021. Preventing such a horrible fate is worth any treatment.

4. Human Contact

Too many of us feel lonely during these crazy times, even though we’re almost two years into the pandemic. During intensive treatment, you will have plenty of close interactions with others, especially in a residential facility.

You will work closely with doctors, therapists, counselors, staff, and peers who are experiencing similar hardships. Drug treatment could also help cure your loneliness and treat mental health conditions (if applicable). Most of us need that now more than ever.

5. It Won’t Get Any Easier

Finally, there will never be an easier time than during the pandemic. If you’re worried about taking time off work, consider the historical context of the so-called “great resignation”, the pandemic, and the high demand for workers of all skill levels. Essentially, there will be work for you when you get out of rehab. 

Also, you won’t be missing much. Has your life improved since the start of the pandemic? If so, you’re an anomaly. Because of this, now is the perfect time to focus on self-improvement and healing.

Not only that, but the longer that addiction is left untreated, the longer you remain in danger. You run the risk of a worsening dependency, health complications, and overdose more and more the longer you go without treatment. Fortunately, there are treatment options available to you now.

How to Choose Between Tennessee Rehab Centers

Now, it’s important to remember that the above list was a list of why the pandemic was a great time to start your journey. However, we need to mention that any time is a great time to start. The sooner, the better.

Let’s talk about how you can find the best Tennessee alcohol rehabilitation and drug treatment today.

Choose the Right Treatment Method

There are two umbrella terms for addiction treatment; inpatient and outpatient.

Outpatient treatment refers to therapy sessions, doctor visits, and group meetings to help you recover. You will make these visits on your own schedule and continue living at home in the meantime.

Inpatient or residential treatment involves everything that an outpatient treatment plan would provide (and more) while you live in a controlled, substance-free environment.

Generally speaking, we recommend inpatient treatment for early recovery, as this is the period where you are most likely to relapse. Having 24/7 access to medical care and oversight is also crucial during the detox stage, which is most prone to complications.

However, outpatient treatment is still very beneficial, especially for those who have remained sober for at least 30 days. Of course, any treatment is better than no treatment, but you should still choose wisely.

Verify Your Insurance

If you are going to an inpatient facility or seeking medical/therapy services, it’s important to verify your insurance beforehand to avoid any issues. Most insurance companies cover drug and alcohol rehab, but some facilities may not be in the provider’s network. 

Start Your Journey Today

Now that you know why now is the best time to find treatment, you know what to do. Look at available Tennessee rehab centers, give them a call to verify your insurance, and start as soon as possible!

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