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How Can Sound Bath Therapy Help with Addiction Recovery?

a person lies down awhile someone uses tuning forks near their ears

Listening to your favorite music can definitely reduce stress and lift your spirits—but can the power of sound also be used to heal the body, mind, and spirit? Yes! We now know that sound has been used for healing for possibly thousands of years. Today, those in recovery can now benefit from sound therapy as an alternative addiction treatment.

What Is a Sound Bath?

A sound bath is a form of guided meditation. A sound therapist produces sound at a specific frequency, pattern, and rhythm using a variety of instruments. The vibrations of these instruments affect the vibration and balance of your body. A practitioner may use any number of instruments to create sound. Tuning forks, gongs, singing bowls, and drums are all common instruments played during a sound bath session, but crystals and computer-generated sound are also commonly used tools.

What Are the Benefits of a Sound Bath?

Sound therapy causes positive changes in the brainwaves. It corrects imbalances from the energy field that surrounds your body to the particles of matter that exist within your cells. It can effect positive change in habits, thinking, and behavioral patterns. Physical pain and emotional blockages are released, sleep improves, depression decreases, and inspiration is awakened. Another benefit is that it is non-denominational, and no specific belief system is required to participate; sound therapy only requires your willingness to be healthy and a bit of your time.

Why Do Sound Baths Work?

There are a few reasons why sound baths in San Diego are so effective. One is that the vibrations from instruments cause the physical body to vibrate in such a way as to cause the release of tension, relief from pain, and relaxation. Another is the frequency at which sound is played; it’s been found that particular frequencies can affect a healthier emotional state and promote healing in the body. Even simply sitting in a room and being surrounded by ambient sound can increase relaxation. Woman sharing her progres with group on therapy session in rehab

How Sound Baths Benefit Those in Addiction Recovery

Addiction is a disease that affects not only the body but also the mind and the spirit. The energy of addiction is not only negative but toxic. As well, the stress that can manifest itself in recovery’s early stages can cause cravings, intense emotions, and many negative physical symptoms. Sound bath meditation allows negative physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional energy to be released so that healing can begin. The restorative properties of sound allow balance to be regained on all levels. This therapy restores the connection to self, promoting self-esteem and allowing for healthy emotional expression.

Include Sound Bath Therapy in Your Recovery

The greater the number of treatments used to achieve recovery, the better the quality of addiction treatment overall. Because of its many benefits, Apex Recovery now offers sound therapy as part of its comprehensive and integrated addiction recovery program. To learn more about San Diego sound bath therapy for addiction, visit us online or call (877) 798-4404 to begin your recovery journey.

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