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In Sickness and Health: Supporting Your Spouse Through Rehab

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You may have dealt with your spouse’s addiction for some time. Now that they’ve decided to get help, you are likely experiencing a new range of emotions. Supporting your spouse through recovery programs in San Diego means that you’re there for them, but that you’re also there for yourself.

Take Care of Yourself

You simply cannot support your partner if you’re struggling with how to cope. Seek individual therapy sessions for yourself while they are going through treatment. Therapy will help you to better understand your role in the situation and underscore the importance of self-care.

Get Educated

Understanding your spouse’s addiction begins with learning about it. You can do this by consulting rehabilitation center sites online, reading books on the subject, or even speaking to their therapist. All of these will help you learn how best to support them.

Space and Positivity

You may worry about your partner and how they will do in rehab, but constant worry won’t help either of you. Give them the space they need, but ensure you always provide positive reinforcement. Express positivity during every conversation and celebrate every milestone they reach in their addiction treatment.

Be a Spotter

Although you can’t assume responsibility for their recovery, you can support your spouse by being alert for anything that doesn’t look right so that you can take further steps if necessary. Apex Recovery’s rehab in San Diego offers treatment programs for both individuals and family members. Call (877) 798-4404 to begin.

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