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Pennsylvania Drug Rehab Center for Addiction Treatment

Pennsylvania Drug Rehab Center for Addiction Treatment

Pennsylvania is no stranger to the struggles that drug and alcohol addiction presents.

A telling statistic points out that Pennsylvania ranks sixteenth highest in alcohol consumption across the U.S., with nearly 30% of Pennsylvania drinkers reporting they binge-drink regularly.1

What’s more, Pennsylvania has the third-highest rate of death due to drug overdose in the United States.2 In 2018 alone, opioids were found in 65% of all drug overdose-related deaths in Pennsylvania.3 But Pennsylvania is not alone in this struggle—reading our Ohio addiction treatment center page highlights the extreme pain that a number of U.S. states face with substance abuse.

However, opioids like heroin aren’t the only substances causing overdoses among Pennsylvania’s population. Cocaine, meth, and prescription ADHD medications like Adderall and Ritalin are examples of stimulants contributing to the state’s substance problems.

Taking the Initial Step Toward Recovery

Addiction Treatment Rehab for Pennsylvania PatientsWhile you can locate a local Pennsylvania rehab center through a recommendation from your healthcare provider or a quick Google search, your chances of recovery are higher when you stray from a Pennsylvania addiction treatment center. The peacefulness that a San Diego recovery facility like Apex offers is an example of a quality option available to Pennsylvania residents.

If you’re wondering why a change of location can benefit an individual seeking treatment, it has to do with the person stepping outside of what’s familiar to them. Places, people, and familiar things in the person’s life can hinder the treatment process. If a person continues to exist within their familiar space, they can return to unhealthy behaviors.

When individuals in recovery seek addiction recovery centers outside of their day-to-day environment, they’re more likely to develop new thought patterns and processes that promote wellbeing.

Sending a loved one to an out-of-state addiction rehab center doesn’t have to feel like a burden to the person receiving treatment. A stay at a substance abuse treatment center like Apex Recovery can give the patient the fresh perspective they need in a beautiful environment that breathes a breath of fresh air into their life. The new outlook that your loved one will receive will be complemented by the care of our trained recovery experts that possess high levels of skill.

Why Finding the Best Alcohol Rehab Program Pennsylvania Offers Ends at Apex Recovery

The first stage of a patient’s detox from alcohol is critical and multi-layered. While individuals are clearing alcohol from their bodies, they’ll experience shifts in consciousness that benefit from a centered approach.

Apex’s beautiful San Diego recovery facility provides a serene backdrop for a patient’s detox from alcohol. Once the detox program begins, the individual will receive safe and responsive hands-on treatment to identify the primary cause of their drinking.

Following this step, behavioral specialists and therapists will help the patient outline strategies to maintain their sobriety, identify their higher purpose, and live a quality life. Apex’s unique geographical location that presents a vacation-like atmosphere blends seamlessly with the professionalism that our top-tier caregivers and high-ranking medical experts exhibit.

Our experience assisting a number of patients from Pennsylvania helps us understand that individuals have varied needs when treating alcohol use disorder (AUD). In summary, a person suffering from AUD displays patterns of alcohol use that harms the person’s personal life, professional life, or both.

If this definition of AUD seems general, it’s because AUD ranges in its severity and contains different symptoms.

Common AUD symptoms include:

  • Drinking larger amounts to overcome an alcohol tolerance
  • Social isolation
  • Failure to meet professional obligations
  • Alcohol cravings that impact the individual’s thought patterns

An evaluation of the patient’s symptoms and their severity allows Apex caregivers to design an individualized treatment program to the patient’s needs. Creating a supportive and safe environment is the basis of what Apex strives to achieve.

Let’s take a closer look at what treatment for alcohol use disorder looks like.

Inpatient Treatment

Pennsylvania Inpatient Treatment Programs - CopyInpatient residential programs at Apex usually last from 1-3 months but can be longer if needed. Support networks consist mainly of friends, relatives, and direct family members, and people who don’t possess quality support systems in their life can benefit greatly from an inpatient program. Outpatient programs, on the other hand, don’t require an overnight stay.

Personalized supervision is the backbone of residential rehab for alcohol. The constant attention that people going through inpatient programs receive gives them the consistent support they need for a stable recovery.

Counseling and medication are often fundamental aspects of inpatient rehabilitation for alcohol abuse. While a patient going into treatment for alcohol might be deficient in key vitamins like vitamin A, B, and C, our program focuses on making physical health a priority along with mental health.

Our efforts to improve the lives of persons struggling with AUD don’t stop here. Massage, yoga, holistic healing, acupressure, and other alcohol therapy programs complement and strengthen the positive effects that meds and counseling have on patients.

The best alcohol rehab for Pennsylvania can be found at Apex Recovery.

How Apex Recovery Meets the Needs of Those Seeking a Pennsylvania Drug Rehab Center

While leaving Pennsylvania to seek treatment for alcohol abuse presents plenty of benefits, these upsides contain an extra significant value for individuals struggling with substances like:

  • Prescription medication
  • Cocaine
  • Heroin
  • Meth
  • Fentanyl

Leaving the social circles and familiarity of Pennsylvania can help patients avoid dialing their dealer who’s within arm’s reach. It makes sense that individuals working to reshape their lives will face more significant challenges if their chosen substance is closeby. While illegal and dangerous substances like the ones listed above can be found everywhere, having a supply accessible can add unnecessary stress.

Motivation plays an essential role in a person’s ability to complete their addiction recovery. When a person travels for drug addiction recovery in Southern California, they’re placing themselves in a setting that fosters positive change. The fresh and vibrant environment that sunny San Diego contains can provide patients with a sense of optimism that fuels their recovery.

When looking for a Pennsylvania drug rehab center, consider Apex Recovery as an option that offers premier services.

Let’s dive into how you can receive a consultation from Apex Recovery today.

Book a Consultation With Apex Recovery Today

Book Appointment with Apex RecoveryBooking a consultation with Apex Recovery will help you learn more about our unique approach to addiction recovery programs.

Common topics that we address regarding our center for drug and alcohol treatment include:

  • Insurance
  • Our method
  • Apex success rates
  • The qualifications of our staff
  • The nature of our alcohol and drug detox facility
  • Amenities
  • Dual diagnosis treatment options

Pennsylvania regions we happily serve include:

  • Philadelphia
  • Pittsburgh
  • Allentown
  • Erie
  • Reading City
  • Upper Darby
  • Scranton
  • Bensalem
  • Lower Merion
  • Bethlehem City
  • Abington

Our goal during your consultation is to identify a good fit that will address your needs. Please contact us anytime for more info on Pennsylvania drug and alcohol rehab services. We’re on standby to help people in Pennsylvania rebuild their lives and thrive.



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